19 Signs Your Relationship Is (Pretty Much) Stronger Than The Green Monster

Twenty20, 1606pat
Twenty20, 1606pat

1. You don’t (usually) bother cyberstalking your significant other because you have so many better things to do than agonize over (mostly) nothing.

2. You don’t (usually) bother cyberstalking their exes, either, because you honestly don’t care if your partner’s in touch with a few past flames (as long as they’re keeping everything absolutely PG).

3. You dream about each other constantly, but when one of you admits to fantasizing about someone else, the other person finds it more hilarious than threatening (as soon as they get past the initial shock). It’s just a dream, after all, and you both know that brains do super weird things.

4. You can tell each other (almost) anything without fearing judgment, so you share (a large percentage of) your darkest thoughts, confess (many of) your biggest mistakes, and (sometimes) mention offhandedly that you masturbated earlier in the day.

5. When logistics prevent you from having sex for longer than you’d like, neither of you entertains the urge to stray (for all that long) or obsesses (all that much) over the thought that the other might resort to cheating.

6. The truth is that you’d both rather wait for each other than be intimate with anyone else, so you can totally handle bouts of sexual frustration (as long as they’re definitely temporary).

7. Once you remember that there’s value in pleasure delay, you actually (kind of) appreciate the opportunity to ache for your partner’s naked body.

8. You tend to get FOMO when you can’t go out with your significant other, but you don’t get (all that) jealous or suspicious, knowing in your heart that there’s (almost) nothing to worry about.

9. Even if one person looks especially hot on their way to dinner or the office, there’s (not necessarily) direct questioning about the intention behind a sexy outfit.

10. If anything, you (sort of) like that your partner draws attention from the opposite sex, even when you’re not around.

11. You’re not dumb to the fact that temptations exist, but you don’t (typically) fixate on upsetting hypotheticals.

12. Instead, you trust in each other, and in your uniquely close bond (unless of course there’s a solid reason not to).

13. You recognize how awesomely marketable your partner is, but you also know that they’re one thousand percent committed to your coupledom (on most occasions).

14. Of course there are other awesome people out there, but what exists between you two is (nearly) impossible to replicate, and you both sincerely want what you already have.

15. Occasionally, you point out other hot men and women to each other and neither of you gets (all that) offended, and then you dissect them together like specimens for fun because you’re strong enough (for the most part) to accept that you’re both physically attracted to other people.

16. When someone compliments your significant other’s appearance or personality, you don’t (typically) fret over the would-be seductress or suitor. Instead, you feel (mostly) flattered, viewing your significant other as an extension of yourself.

17. You fight passionately, but always (wherein “always” is loosely defined) with the end in sight. Though it seems far off sometimes, peace is (usually) on the horizon, somewhere behind all the stink eyes and biting comebacks.

18. When friends gush about how amazing their current relationship is, you listen intently but secretly doubt that whatever they have measures up to what you’ve got (when things are going great).

19. You consider yourself part of the couple others emulate, and you sincerely wish that everyone you love finds something as special as you guys have (on good days). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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