37 Relationship ‘Firsts’ You Should Never Forget To Celebrate

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istockphoto.com / wundervisuals

1. Your first kiss. Whether it was on your first date, during a drunken night a few months ago, or happened years ago, it’s nice to trace things back to the beginning.

2. Your first everything else. I mean, people celebrate their sex anniversaries. Why not?

3. Your first real fight. And, on a related note, the first time you have to apologize to each other, talk through everything, and make up.

4. The first time you meet each other’s families. And then also, the first time you meet their family and are totally comfortable and not panicked around them.

5. The first time you hear someone else refer to them as your boyfriend or girlfriend. (And it takes you a second to realize who they’re talking about.)

6. The first time you turn to them as your go-to support. Because you realize that they’ll still be there for you, even when you’re panicked, stressed, anxious, or upset.

7. The first time you finish the other person’s sentence. Like such:

8. The first time you each talk about what scares you, and show them a more vulnerable part of yourself. Which might also be one of the first times you realize you relate to each other on ~multiple levels.

9. The first time you fart in front of each other.**~~magical~**

10. The time you look at apartments together. Whether it’s for you two to move in, or just one of you helping the other.

11. Your first time actually living together. And realizing it feels right.

14. When you realize you love them for the first time.

15. When you actually say it.

16. The first time you celebrate an anniversary. And the second. And the third. And so on.

17. Your first argument about when your anniversary actually is. Because there’s a 99% chance that you guys will count the start of your relationship from a completely different day.

18. The first time they hang out with one of your siblings just as friends. And when they start reaching out to your family without you needing to be part of the text or email thread.

19. The first time you pick a TV show to binge watch – and then follow through. Because part of compatibility is knowing how to be lazy AF with the other person.

20. The first time you find a go-to restaurant that is your “spot” together. Another essential laziness milestone.

21. The first time you defend them to someone else. Especially when they aren’t around.

22. The first time you brag about them to someone else. Or tell everyone it’s their birthday even when they are’t telling anyone. Or call your parents to tell them about your S.O.’s accomplishment.

23. The first time you talk about religious beliefs. Because it opens up conversations that will bring you closer, and allows you to understand so much more about their upbringing and where they came from.

24. The first time you talk about a future together. And discuss all the places you’d like to live and whether or not you want kids.

26. The first time you leave a tooth brush at their house.

27. And then the first time you transition to leaving razors/clothes/tampons/etc. at their place.

27. Your first weekend away together. Your first road trip, and the memories of long talks in the car and playlists that stick in your head.

28. The first time you travel internationally together. Plenty of people say traveling out of the country with an S.O. is a pretty significant compatibility test.

29. The first time you do laundry together – or they do your laundry – and you have to swallow the fact that they now know what your dirty underwear looks like.

30. The first time you guess exactly what they’re going to order at a restaurant before they even get a chance to tell you, and you’re right.

31. Your first time being included in their family’s group text. And then, four months later, the first time you get really sick of the endless notifications.

32. The first time you go to one of their family’s events and meet the extended family. And just felt like part of the crew.

33. The first time they hang out with your friends. And the first time it starts to feel like your friendships are becoming their friendships.

34. The first time you talk about all your exes, all your old partners, etc. And then ultimately realize that maybe the two of you are more compatible than some of your own past relationships.

35. The first time you have sex when no one has shaven… anything. Whoops.

36. The first time you spend the night and have breakfast together the next morning.

37. The first time you guys discover what game you’re great at, and start playing constantly. And then start talking to your friends about it constantly, inviting them to play constantly, and on and on and on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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