19 Things Every Couple Should Know About Each Other Before Celebrating Their One Year Anniversary


1. Your significant other’s cleanliness preferences. If one of you is a neat freak, and the other is on a strict regimen of only doing the dishes once every four days, you might want to learn that about each other before you start cooking elaborate meals at each other’s places.

2. Their television show requirements. For example, they might be willing to negotiate their binge-watch go-tos, but if they are non-negotiably following Game of Thrones, you might want to consider hopping on that bandwagon.

3. What their family is like in person. If you’re approaching the year mark, unless you live really far away from their family, it’s really time to meet the family. Meeting them is a really good indicator of whether or not you fit in well with their family, if you do want to get serious in the future. It doesn’t need to a big step right now, nor do you need to become best friend’s with their siblings, this is really just a step to show the other person how much you want to know more about their life.

4. The foods they like at specific times (if applicable). Maybe not everyone has a go-to comfort food, or an I-just-had-a-really-shitty-day food, but if your S.O. loves homemade mac and cheese when they’re upset, you may as well take note.

5. How they take their coffee. Or tea. Let’s not forget about the tea drinkers.

6. And, while you’re at it, their go-to alcohol beverage. And, on that subject, how much they typically drink when they go out, if at all.

7. What they actually do at work. Not what their job is, or who their boss is, or what title they hold, but how they fill their days at weeerk.

8. How they look completely without any makeup, hair products, hair gel, or whatever. You don’t need to ever leave the house without makeup or products in your hair if you don’t want to, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But your significant other of a year should know what you look like when you wake up au naturale.

9. You should know where the other person would love to travel with you. Even if isn’t the right time for you to plan a trip together, it’s fun to know where they’d want to go. If nothing else, it sparks a pretty fun discussion.

10. What their voting or political preferences are. Especially right now. Like, if that hasn’t come up yet with Trump running for office, that might be concerning.

11. And whether or not they’re religious, or their family is religious. Even if you two don’t align, it’s still important to understand where the other person stands, and show respect and support for their beliefs.

12. How they recharge — do they get energy from other people, or from being by themselves?

13. What their views on marriage are. You do NOT need to have this conversation in regards to your relationship, but it might be time to start feeling out where they stand on the issue, and if they believe in marriage, or want a future with someone.

14. Whether or not they’re in love with you. (Though you probably — hopefully — know by now.)

15. Where they fall on the cuddling spectrum when they’re asleep. And whether or not they’re lying to you about that.

16. The one thing that always drives them a little crazy. You should probably know what their biggest pet peeves are, and how they calm down when they’re really irritated.

17. How chill they are on a dance floor, or how much of a complete mess they are on the dance floor. Or, alternately, whether they even like to dance.

18. How they really interpret the phrase “Netflix and Chill.” When you invite them over for the movie, is it for sex, or is it to watch the movie? Life’s realest questions.

19. When their birthday is, and how old they’re turning. Once it’s been a year, if you forget their birthday, it should be a cute one-day-off mix up, but if you actually don’t know, you probably can’t just play it off at this point. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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