17 Times Your Coupled-Off Friends Are Jealous Of Your Single Status


1. Pretty much any time there is a celebrity-sighting, or an occasion to meet a celebrity of the opposite sex. It’s really a hindrance to be standing next to your boyfriend when/if you meet Liam Hemsworth.

2. On Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, not all couples like Valentine’s Day. Just because they love each other doesn’t mean they necessarily want the obligation of having to drop $80 on dinner at a too-crowded restaurant full of googly-eyed people drinking marked-up Andre.

3. When they’re flat broke and cannot afford to do anything with their significant other.

4. When they feel like they’re the only couple at an all-singles party. The couples are pretty much just walking with big Xs on their face, but don’t know it.

5. At weddings. Sure, it’s nice to be their with a date, but when people in a couple weren’t invited with a plus one, they’re just the only awkward ones not dancing.

6. When they’re trying to make decisions just for themselves. Having a partner to make decisions with, discuss problems with, and bounce ideas off of is a great thing. But when you’re trying to make the right choice for you, there’s no denying it: it clouds your judgment.

7. Anytime they run into someone they really liked five years ago in college and never made a move on.

8. When they’re trying to buy a present for their significant other for the holidays and it’s so effing difficult.

9. Whenever they mention to their S.O. that they think a mutual friend is kind of attractive, and then regret it immediately.

10. When they feel obligated to participate in couple activities that actually suck with another couple that they don’t really like. Think: ice skating, boating adventures in the summer time, couples camping, etc.

11. When they just need time to themselves, but don’t want to exclude their S.O. Sometimes you just need a night where you order in Indian food, watch what you want to watch on Netflix and speak to exactly no one. It sometimes happens less than you need it to when you’re in a couple.

12. Related: when they desperately want to watch their preferred show on HBO Go and their significant other isn’t being supportive.

13. When they just want to go out with their girlfriends or ~bros~, but don’t want to feel guilty about leaving someone at home all alone.

14. They’re forever jealous that at pretty much any point you can walk into a party and get some.

15. When they’re trying to figure out holiday logistics and splitting up time between families. It’s a logistical nightmare. When you aren’t in a relationship, you only have to worry about pleasing yourself (and your family)

16. When you’re trying to commit a lot of time to work or studying. When you’re in a relationship, you end up feeling guilty about staying at the office so late because you aren’t giving your S.O. any attention. It’s the same story when you’re stuck in the library for two weeks while studying for finals. When you’re single, you can focus on the task at hand, and blow off steam with friends when you get through the tough weeks.

17. On any day when their boyfriend/girlfriend holds them accountable for something they really don’t want to do. When you live by yourself, you do the chores you want to do on your own time. When you live with your S.O., and decide to not do dishes for 3-4 days, it becomes a problem. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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