If You’re Struggling With Anxiety, Read This

Anxiety is something that has haunted so many people that I know, including myself.

Every single one of us experiences anxiety in one way or another, but for some, it becomes a pattern that defines them, an unconscious cycle of perpetuating the same malicious thoughts over and over, causing a heavy burden of anxiety to take over their life.

For these individuals, it could look like their whole world is shattering and crumbling beneath them. As if everything is empty.

This sounds all too familiar to me.

But this is what I’ve realized being someone that has struggled before. Perhaps you too can take this string of words and receive something from them as well:

Remember, although anxiety may look real, the demons that create it are not.

Remember, although anxiety may feel real, the thoughts that create it are not.

Sometimes, we just need some time to slow down. To take a step back. To take a step within. To appreciate all that is. To appreciate all that isn’t.

Sometimes, we just need time to slow down and realize that how we are feeling right now is temporary. That today, is just another bump in the road.

Today, it may feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

But one day doesn’t define your whole life.

And one day, how you are feeling right now will all be but a memory.

So take the time you need today to feel better tomorrow. Understand that it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Getting quiet and listening to your soul is sometimes not the most comfortable feeling, but it is the most essential when it comes to cultivating a greater relationship with yourself.

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Tomorrow is a brand new start.

Tomorrow, you start again. Tomorrow, you begin again.

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