8 Things A Pisces Woman Simply Won’t Allow

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Aral Tasher

1. Someone who disregards her as ‘too emotional.’

A Pisces woman knows she has deep feelings, and that those feelings are her driving force. Whether it’s a platonic friendship or a committed relationship, she won’t allow herself to be entangled with someone who doesn’t understand that huge component of her, or stands in judgment. She owns her emotional side with pride—this is how she’s defined, how she shares love, how she interacts and understands the world. And she won’t apologize for that.

2. A partner who doesn’t support or believe in her dreams.

If she’s going to love, she’s going to love with all of her. And if she’s going to be serious (which, anything less is pretty much not an option) she’s going to share both her soul and her dreams.

Something she won’t allow is to be with a partner who doesn’t support or encourage her to chase those dreams. Sometimes she gets lost in her own mind and needs to be brought back, but at the end of the day, what’s of utmost importance is that she has someone to stand behind her, believe in her (sometimes wild) ideas, and love her for who she is—not hold her back.

3. Someone who writes off her faith as ‘silly’ rather than serious.

As a Pisces woman, she has a strong faith—in God, in the universe, in herself—whatever it may be, this faith drives her. And for her to be with someone who writes off that belief as foolish or doesn’t take it seriously, is something she simply won’t allow.

4. A partner who lacks true emotion.

As a Pisces, she craves vulnerability. She needs to know that her person is on the same page—equally open and willing to reveal their heart. A non-negotiable for her is to be connected to someone who doesn’t see emotion as a central part of a relationship, or doesn’t value that integral part of her soul.

5. Someone who mistakes her passion for craziness.

She’s not crazy, she’s just a Pisces—driven, passionate, empathetic, emotional. She may have moments where she’s ‘too much’ or led by her feelings rather than her mind, but at the end of the day she has herself together. And anyone who mistakes her big heart for mental instability is someone she can’t have in her life.

6. A person who stomps out her vibrancy.

She doesn’t need to be less. She doesn’t need to quiet herself to let someone else’s loudness take over. There is nothing wrong with the way she feels, or loves, or lets people in. And she won’t shine less for anyone.

7. Someone who tries to convince her to change or harden.

People are always giving their advice, putting in their two cents, and sometimes these suggestions can help…and sometimes they’re to our detriment. A Pisces woman knows that she doesn’t need to change to be loved. And even more importantly, she knows that to guard her heart and not let people in would ruin her, not make her more worthy of a relationship. So bottom line, she won’t be told how to love.

8. Her time to be wasted not loving or sharing her heart.

She was born to love. And she won’t waste a minute of her life not doing exactly that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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