I’m Not Complicated, I’m Just A Pisces

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I’m not complicated, I just have a lot of feelings. All Pisces do. We can’t help that we fall into people and relationships blindly, we can’t stop our hearts from beating with gusto, we have no control over the way we care for the people around us. We’re emphatic. It’s not in our blood to turn away from someone who needs us or stand passively while someone suffers. It’s not normal for us to pretend like we don’t care, or to feign indifference when we’re involved with someone.

When there’s an emotion in our chest, we let it happen. We let that sadness, that joy, that affection burst through every cell of our being. We let the emotion fully take over, let it control our minds, let ourselves be guided (sometimes foolishly) by our heart.

We love to love—it’s in our nature. We crave connection: real, spiritual, deep. We want to know the people around us beyond their surface. We want to feel tied to them somehow.

We are hopeless romantics; every bone in our body believes in love, no matter the cost. We are forever trusting ‘the one’ will come into our lives, and we don’t allow any doubt to cloud our minds. As the rest of the world becomes logical and guarded in relationships, we stay open, never hesitating to share our hearts with the ones we care for.

And even when we’re broken, we still believe we will find love again.

Sometimes we’re a little too much. We’re overly trusting, letting anyone in. We’re quick to forgive, even when we’re cut very deeply. We don’t look worry about the outcome of our relationships, we just see the best in the ones we’re interested in or care for. But sometimes that’s silly. We open our souls to everyone, sometimes even strangers, and this can leave us empty sometimes.

And when we’re neglected, we’re crushed.

It’s not that we’re crazy, we are just overly emotional.

When we feel sadness, it weighs down our entire being. When we’re low, we’re so very low, and sometimes we allow ourselves to self-pity, to become the victim of our own, messy circumstances.

We pull away. We withdraw.

We don’t try to be complicated; we’re not intending to be difficult or confusing. We just need to rebuild our spirits. And oftentimes, we must do this on our own.

We crave our aloneness sometimes—both in moments of pain and joy. We like to spend time with ourselves to get lost in our own heads, to rejuvenate our tired spirits.

Sometimes we get tired, having so much emotion and thoughts bouncing around in our brains. We’re artistic beings, always creating, always daydreaming. We love music and art; we want to understand the meaning behind the things we encounter. And we want to know not only what’s happening around us, but what the people we love are thinking about.

We are a water sign; our feelings are fluid and rushing. One minute we’re walking on air, the next we’re disturbed by something we saw or heard, or we start overthinking and suddenly our mood is changed. It’s not that we want to be confusing; we’re just moody and led by our emotions more than logic or reason.

We flirt on the line between extraverted and introverted—we love having friendships and connections to people, yet we also enjoy the quiet moments with only the thoughts in our heads. Sometimes we’re energized by outings; sometimes we need our space.

But ultimately, no matter if we’re alone or with others, we crave something real. We want to know the answers to the questions around us. We’re continually asking why, searching for something that matters and makes sense.

In our relationships, we value authenticity. We want to know that we’re not wasting our time, that the person we’re giving our heart to is invested, that the connection matters as much to them as it does to us.

Pisces are giving creatures. We are selfless, to a fault, putting others before ourselves, weakening our own spirits to build someone else’s back up.

But we are not crazy; we just know how to love and are fearless in the pursuit of it.

Sometimes, though, we find ourselves lost in our heads. We are escapists, letting our imaginations run wild, blaming luck, or intuition, or fate for what happens to us instead of taking responsibility.

Sometimes we lose ourselves in our negativity. When life doesn’t go according to our plans, when we fail, when we get hurt, we might let this pain take over. We might feel like everything is crashing in around us, and we might need help regaining our footing again.

We are sensitive creatures.

We don’t always take criticism well, we are easily hurt, and when we’re put in our place, it can bring us down into a spiral of sadness. We aren’t trying to be difficult, trying to make the world pity us or save us from the chaos; we are just being our Pisces selves. We feel and process things much differently than the rest of the world.

We are sometimes a lot to handle, but we are not complicated. We are sewn together with emotion and sensitivity, filled with heart and passion for the people and projects we take interest in. We love. We embrace. We open. We trust.

Loving us, caring for us, being around us—you will be filled with positivity and affection. We will shower you with our attention and gifts, both emotional and tangible. We will open the doors of our lives, the windows to our souls, and let you in. We will put you first. We will believe in you, stand by you, support you in any obstacle.

We will tell you the little secrets we hide and the emotions we have bubbling in our chests. We will share our hearts with you, without fear. We might be a little too much sometimes, but we are not complicated.

We are lovers, healers, caregivers. We are genuine, emotional Pisces. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book, Somewhere on a Highway, available here.

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Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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