10 Family Members Of Porn Stars Explain How They Found Out About Their Profession

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1.My mom was an escort before she went to jail, the way I found out was actually the most awkward part. I got a new phone and called her. I asked her “Do you know who this is” and to which she replied, ‘Sorry I don’t know who this is, I don’t go out for free or give discounts.'”

2. “My older brother put on what he said was “Barnie” when I was about five or six. He claimed the intro was just a commercial… it opened with a woman sensually chopping meat… I can’t remember what happened after that, but it involved my mom engaging in a sexual act. The baby sitter eventually noticed, said WTF, and took off with the VHS tape. She’s still in porn to this day, 20 years later. Tons of awkward moments, but the worst was for my little brother. Of course, the internet, so somebody found her porn persona on twitter and now everyone at his high school knows. He’s in the 9th grade and hasn’t been to class in months. She’s a terrible parent for all kinds of unrelated reasons, so she hasn’t done anything to correct the situation. He just doesn’t go to school anymore. I feel awful for him.”

3. “Mom is a porn star & escort – found her ‘pricelist’ online, and videos on an old laptop she’d given me. Actually not that awkward when i mentioned it, but still weird.

I might mention the video was her and three other guys. Go mom.”

4. “I saw what I’m pretty sure was a self posted video of my sister. The thumbnail kinda had me like, ‘huh, that’s weird,’

The first 5 seconds made me go, ‘Oh god, no, no nononono.’

The thumbnail just looked like a girl with brown hair, but I think I knew on that split second before clicking.

As for my thoughts, she’s an adult. We do shit that makes us feel good so whatever. I’m just really glad there wasn’t a dude in there. Or that I hit back before the dude rolled in.”

5.Good old fashion magazine clipping taped to my locker door. Mom found it hilarious. Feels bad, man.”

6.Are you kidding? Dad tells me every fucking day.

Mind you, I’ve never seen any film crews, and I don’t think they’ve ever actually been filmed… but he seems pretty adamant about his role in life.”

7.Not myself but i found my friends dad on a porn site once.”

8. “I once saw my dad in a old ’70s porno. I can’t look at pics of him with a mustache anymore.”

9. Not technically me but a friend of mine was on porn hub (3 guesses what they were doing) and came across a video of their mum. They didn’t realise at first and just continued what they were doing until it became all to clear who he had just been jacking off to.

Now most people in this situation wouldn’t tell people right? Well that’s not what he did cause he’s an idiot. He told me and a couple friends including one (who definitely isn’t a friend anymore) who found and sent the video around to everyone we new. It spread like wildfire and ngl I feel kinda sorry for him cause people where dicks to him because of it.”

10.My mom has been an escort my whole life and has been weirdly open about it. Like she’s really proud of it, but it’s horrible when your mom brags to all of your friends when you’re a teenager. I was about 11 when I realized what she was doing. She’s never really had a real job for more than 3 months, and has embarrassed me over and over again throughout my life. I’m 25 now, and she’s still working the same job she brags about.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark