10 Signs You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On A Potential Partner

10 Signs You Should Stop Wasting Your Time On A Potential Partner

A relationship can only be formed if both people are ready to commit and if they are both willing to give their all to make it work, without any games involved. Otherwise, we would be setting our own hearts up for a complete disaster.

Sometimes we like to think that we can make a person want to be with us. This isn’t natural, and none of us should want anything that is forced. We should want someone who willingly wants to reciprocate. Unfortunately, some people just talk to you so that they can build their own ego or so that they can fill an emotional void that they need for the time being. Some people don’t take the bond that is shared between the two of you as seriously as you do. If this is the case, you have to save your energy. You can’t keep pouring yourself into something that will just leave you empty in the end.

In order for a relationship to be formed, one person can’t be constantly giving more than the other person. While there will be times when one person has to step in and give more than the other due to obstacles that life throws our way, this cannot always be the case. We can’t sell ourselves short on a consistent basis because we will be left feeling unfulfilled.

Sometimes we create an idea of someone and we want to be in a relationship with that person so badly that we don’t see something for what it truly is. We fall for potential. We need to remind ourselves that we are deserving and worthy of a love that fills us, not a love in which we are the only ones doing the filling.

If this is the case, we should leave and wait for someone who is willing to reciprocate all the energy and love that we have to give. It is important to learn to detect the signs early. We all hold our own power. Pay attention to these signs and know when you should stop wasting your time.

1. They’re not consistent.

Consistency will tell you exactly how a person feels about you. If they are only contacting you when they are bored or when they don’t have much going on at that moment, then stop giving them any more of your time. It seems like they are only talking to you when it is convenient. You are worth way more than that.

2. They don’t randomly check up on you or tell you when they’re thinking about you.

It takes a few seconds to send a text message. It is understandable that people are busy. You can’t expect people to text you all day. People have jobs, hobbies, and things that they have to get done. However, it takes a few seconds to send a simple text that lets the other person know that you are thinking of them. It lets you know that you are on their mind. If you’re not on their mind, then remove them off of yours.

3. They don’t care about how your day went.

If they are consistently forgetting to ask you about your day and they seem to only talk about theirs, then they are only focused on themselves and not on you. You should steer clear from these kind of bonds because that kind of relationship is usually one-sided and will leave you feeling alone.

4. They never show interest in learning about your future plans.

When someone is getting to know you, they try to get to know your future plans and what they entail. They want to know what your goals are and what your vision of the future is. If you only find yourself having basic conversations all the time, then maybe they aren’t thinking about a future with you. If you are looking for something more than temporary, then move on.

5. You catch them in multiple lies.

The foundation of a relationship is very important. If someone lies about small things before a relationship is even formed, it is usually a part of their character. It is who they are. In turn, they will lie about bigger things later on. Anyone who cares about a relationship and its progression will bring their most honest self to you from the beginning. Truth is freeing. Lies are not. Leave before a cycle begins.

6. They don’t have deep conversations with you in order to try to learn more about you.

They should try to learn something new about you every single day. The human holds so much depth. If they are only holding shallow conversations with you, they aren’t trying to discover more about your mind and heart. Find someone who dives deep.

7. They are only interested in texting and not meeting up.

Texting is not courting. It is important to spend quality time with someone when you are trying to get to know them. If you find that the other person is only texting you and not trying to spend time with you, then you should stop letting them waste your time.

8. They don’t pay attention to the small details about you.

Someone who is interested in you and willing to eventually commit will pay attention to everything about you, even the things that you may not think are relevant. If they don’t pay attention to what you like, the way you smile, what makes you happy, or what your interests are, then go. You deserve someone who will want to get to know the smallest details about you.

9. They don’t ask you about your friends and your family.

If they want to get closer to you, they will want to get closer to those who are close to your heart. If he doesn’t care about your friends and your family, that is a clear sign that they aren’t in it for the long run.

10. They disappear for days at a time and then they randomly text you.

They should not leave you worrying about when the next time you will be hearing from them will be. If they randomly text you and then disappear for days at a time, that is a huge red flag. Set boundaries and don’t answer them anymore. You are not something that someone can just drop and pick up whenever they feel like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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