14 Signs Your Gay Boyfriend Is A Keeper


1. You can tell your boyfriend is a keeper because though he may not love the things you love, he gets excited that you’re excited about them. That’s someone who’s interested in you for you.

2. He goes to all your shit even when he’s tired and doesn’t want to. We’ve all been there before. But no matter what’s going on, a good boyfriend always shows up for you.

3. A keeper boyfriend surprises you, not with diamond rings or fancy trips, though that’s lovely, too. He’ll surprise you with dinner at that fancy restaurant you always talk about but have never been to, or he’ll bring you some flowers from the Columbia Road Flower Market because they made him think of you. Love is always in the details.

4. There’s a line of thinking about how when you get into a relationship, somehow you automatically have to compromise some aspect of yourself. Somehow we let ourselves slip away and only realize it after the break up. When you have a keeper boyfriend, you never feel like you’ve compromised anything.

5. Even his body language turns you on — the way he sits or puts his hands through his hair or how he looks when he’s walking around in his house shorts. A keeper boyfriend doesn’t need to do much to turn you on.

6. When we’re single we want to be in a relationship, and when we’re in a relationship we fantasize about getting back on Grindr and being single. But when you reach this point you start to take your boyfriend for granted. A keeper boyfriend never takes you for granted, not because he’s afraid of losing you but because he choses you every day.

7. You can talk to each other for hours without feeling mentally exhausted.

8. He listens to you when you’re happy, when you’re angry, when you’re sick, and when you have that crazy new idea you want to try.

9. And you can sit together in silence and not be worried something is wrong.

10. If you wear the same size clothes and have the same style its double the wardrobe! But if you fuck up their favorite leather jacket or lose it in an Uber, you might be out on your ass :)

11. Your boy always smells nice. And that doesn’t mean that they wear expensive cologne, more that you like the way they smell.

12. He’s got a dick he knows how to use on you, meaning he’s an unselfish lover.

13. People always say that they’re looking for someone to “complete” them. But I don’t believe in any one person “completing” anybody else. You are already complete as you are. A keeper boyfriend is someone who adds something special and different to what you already have. I can’t cook rice for shit, so it would be great if my next boyfriend made like amazzzingggg rice.

14. Your heart throbs when you see him. You look at him and think: wow. But it’s not his beauty that makes you go wow. It’s that he feels like home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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