17 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A Keeper


1. You perk up with excitement every time you see him, and when you do you’re reminded just how delicious he is. I mean seriously, you look at him and are like, “Damn, self! You get to climb on top of that later!”

2. Your boyfriend respects you, meaning he is unselfish towards you and knows what your needs are.

3. He listens to you and all your crazy ideas. But he doesn’t just listen: he supports you and thinks you should definitely quit your job to open a pop up clown academy! He’ll be the first one there to help you, too.

4. He knows all your weird habits, like the fact that you pick things up with your toes or that when you snore he knows to shove you on your stomach lol. You tell him I DON’T SNORE and while you’re at work he sends you a recording of you snoring with a smiley.

5. He doesn’t just “say” I love you like it’s some dumb chore. Even if he doesn’t say it all the time, you can feel it. You know he means it.

6. You trust him completely, and this means you honestly believe that the things he says to you are true. What’s a relationship — any type of relationship — without this kind of mutual trust?

7. He’s exciting and fun to be around! You’re always having new experiences together or doing new and different things.

8. You know his flaws and he knows yours and you both understand that no one is perfect.

9. He’s like really good in bed. Like seriously so good.

10. That said, he’s still open to new ideas in sex and isn’t afraid to tell you his fetishes.

11. He’s thoughtful. He knows when you have an important life thing — a big work event, a crucial test or a huge interview — and he always remembers to wish you well. You do the same for him.

12. No matter how much time you spend together you never get sick of being around him. You might need some time alone to recharge but that doesn’t mean you don’t love being around him doing nothing in particular.

13. He makes you laugh.

14. He shows you things he thinks you’ll like — music, art, exhibitions, food, vacation sites, political stories. He’s not just interested in you as a person: you guys have similar things to talk about.

15. You find him interesting.

16. When something goes awry in sex you both just laugh it off and keep going!

17. Sometimes when you go to bed at night he falls asleep before you do. You sit there and watch him for a while, smiling to yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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