20 People Share The Creepiest Thing Someone Told Them Nonchalantly

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1. “I raped a ten year old”

Was working on the ambulance and I picked up this guy for nausea. No big deal. On the way to the ER he asks if I can call his probation officer since he was on house arrest and forgot to call before he left. I told him I couldn’t call, but the ER would. I asked why he was on house arrest because I wanted to know if he needed a secure bed in the ER. He looked at me and very calmly said, “I raped a ten year old.” I thought he said it for shock factor, but I found out later he was telling the truth.

2. I beat up gay dudes for fun.

I had a barber once who talked about how he would pretend to be gay to pick up men just so he and his friends could beat them up. I’m straight but, I didn’t go back to that barber. He sounded so proud of himself.

3. I’m gay because my father raped me.

Guy comes up to me to have a chat and a cigarette while we wait for a bus.
He asks me if I’m gay, tells me that he is, and that he found out very young because his father raped him as a child but part of him actually enjoyed it. It was very serious and made me extremely uncomfortable. But the way he said it so matter of factly, like it was just something that happens was the most upsetting part.

4. What would you do if your girlfriend told you she sleeps with her dad?

That she slept with her dad and had been since middle school. After that bomb dropped she told me that when they were apart she pretended her pillow was her dad and cuddled with it. Just casually tossed it all off like “oh hey, I used to take art classes” or “my shirt is blue.” One of the few times in my life I’ve ever been utterly speechless.

5. I like killing goldfish. Surprise!

I live in a small town and we have this older fellow whom everyone loves. He spends most days standing in front of his red,white and blue painted duplex waving at every motorist that passes by. I lived two blocks away from him so he waved at me plenty of times, I figured he knew I lived nearby. One day, intead of just waving, he flagged me down and asked me for a ride. The whole town knew this guy, so it seemed safe in my head. He asked me where I was going and I told him the Wal Mart, he told me to take me there. Wal Mart is 15 minutes away and during l the entire ride he just kept telling me that he likes to kill goldfishes with his hands. He did this while making squeezing motions with his old man hands. Really freaked me out. When we got to Wal Mart he told me to wait for him before driving back, but I ended up just ditching him. I figured most people in town are nice enough to drive him back and I didn’t feel like getting strangled that day.

6. My husband date raped me on our first date.

Damn, I am late to the party, but a couple in a bar once shared the fact that on their first night together he date rape drugged her and had the balls to stay around in the morning… She thought it was sweet that he was too shy to do it any other way. They are married with a child.

7. You look just like your dad. It’s not a good thing.

“You are my son, and I love you. But you look just like your father. And that makes me hate you a little.” Hell of a thing to hear at 7 years old.

8. I starved my dog to death.

My old roommate said he starved his own dog to death when he left the dog tied up outside for a whole summer and never fed it. This is a real thing that happened, he said “What? It’s only a dog.”

9. Love me or kill me. It’s that simple.

Another one…a coworker had quit and then come back years later. When he came back, we got to catching up a little bit. He started talking about how he had dated this girl for a while and then she left him for some other guy. He clearly wasn’t over it and the conversation progressed to a more general conversation about friendship and he said “I’m the kind of person where I either don’t care about you or would die for you.”

He continued on about how he nearly “died for” this girl, I asked him to elaborate and he said he was feeling suicidal after the break up, said he called her and asked her to come over. She obliged and he told me that when she got there he pointed to a gun and told her to either shoot him or get back together with him. He then played it off as if he was just doing it to symbolize how much he cared about her, that he was never planning on her actually making a choice, but I couldn’t help just thinking how she must have felt in that situation. I decided after that conversation that I would rather be someone he didn’t care about.

10. So sad

I used to work as a receptionist for a music school. The business was small enough that they held lessons inside a church so that they paid very little rent in exchange for free lessons to church employees. Anyways, while I was working there I saw a lot of homeless people come in trying to get help from the church. One day I had a lady (clearly homeless) come in and ask if she could sit in one of the chairs in the lobby and get out of the cold for a little bit. We began chatting and she nonchalantly told me she had just found out someone had murdered her best friend. Not knowing how to respond, I asked her if I could give her a hug, and she broke down sobbing. It was extremely heartbreaking :(

11. My mom checks my balls

Over 5 years ago I was daiting a guy that had a seriously messed up family. I didn’t really care about it too much since the relationship was definitely not serious. One day he told me that his mom (that already was like the holy mary to him) regularly checks his testicles to make sure there are no lumps or suspicious swellings. He was over 20 at that time, and she also checked his older brother’s balls, who was well over 30, married and with kids. He told me this as it was completely normal, and was proud of his mom’s devotion to her children’s health.

12. Whoa…

“I’d love to rape someone, for the power….”

13. Tit for tat.

So i stop at a gas station one night and old black dude walking with a cane asks me if i can buy him a beer. I was in a good mood that night so i told him he could have one out of the pack i was getting for myself. So i’m in line waiting to pay when the old dude walks in and says in a pretty loud voice, ” you know i’m gonna suck your dick right?”

14. Oh okay!

In high school, kid with special needs who I had shared a gym class with the previous year stopped me in the hall one day. He told me I needed to stop holding hands with my girlfriend in the hall because it gave him a boner.

15. Hashtag Blood

I was training a new guy at work and it was his 3rd day on the job. We were outside just standings their quietly both smoking a cigarette. That awkward “I don’t know you yet” silence, they he says, “Well my girlfriend finally let me go down on her while on the rag last night.”

16. Why hello, it’s nice to meet you!

That he used to fuck all his dogs when he was a kid.

17. Why do guys think rape is funny?

A socially awkward young ex-colleague of mine would respond to seeing an attractive girl by saying ‘yeah, I’d rape her’ and laughing. I don’t think he would. But I couldn’t get him to grasp how not OK it is to say that.

18. 16 and pregnant

The guy I used to buy weed off of had an insanely hot girlfriend. Every time I was over there picking up a bag he would always go on and on about how hot she was. Which, in his defense, she was pretty fine – definitely out of his league, I have no idea how they got together.

Anyhow, one day over there he started up in his usually fashion. I just said the usual stuff, just making pleasantries, when his girlfriend left to go to McDonald’s real fast. Then everything changed.

He sat up from his seat and leaned in like he wanted to tell me a secret. I was like huh? So I leaned in and started telling me his girlfriend was going to be carrying his baby. We heard the car start outside, he leaned back and was like yeah man, I’m going to knock her up!

Knocking someone up to most men is like a nightmare scenario, so I was thinking since she’s so “crazy hot”, this must be her idea. I asked him like, was that her idea? Because man, baby trapping is serious. If you knock her up, you’ve got child support for the next 18 years and she can just wreck your life if you piss her off.

He was like naw, it’s my idea man. I’ll never do better than this, and if she gets pregnant with my baby she’ll never be able to leave me. I’m going to poke holes in our condoms and then it’s only a matter of time. We’re in love dude, once she gets pregnant she’ll want to stay with me forever.

I was like… what… the fuck. He’s got to be joking right? But he sounds so serious…
This guy was a drug dealer living in a sublet 2 bedroom house with his Mom, banging this girl much younger than him and still in high school. Honestly, and shamefully, this was too fucked up for me. I barely knew these people, only saw them twice a month and sometimes not even that often. So I nervously laughed and told him he was crazy and laughed it off, kind of hoping deep down inside he was joking. Not to mention, I didn’t want to lose my weed connection.

Over the next few months of going over there sure enough, she got pregnant -just like he had planned. The look on his face when she was telling me “the good news”, I knew immediately he had done it intentionally. I just sat there for awhile as he talked at me, just floored that he actually did it, taking it in like my God. I watched his girlfriend across the room on the phone. She was saying how “careful they were” but it must have been meant to happen, because here she is 16 and pregnant.

My heart sank into my stomach, I felt nauseous. 16? This girl is 16? I knew she was still in high school but I thought she was about to graduate or something. Like I said, I didn’t know these people that well, and finding out like this- that this 24 year old guy I’ve known for years had purposefully poked holes in the condoms of his 16 year old girlfriend… It made me physically sick.

Goes to find out, they met through her older brother who frequently bought weed off this guy- but not after he started banging his underage sister. I knew none of this before hand – you can just imagine how disgusted I was finding out.

That was the last bag I got off them personally. I did have someone go through there and get a bag from him for me once, but honestly – that even made me sick. I don’t want to condone anything that guy does, ever – even buying a bag of weed off him felt too dirty for me.

I heard from friends they had the kid and seemed happy enough. I never told any of them I knew the truth, I felt sick enough knowing myself – and the fact I knew beforehand and didn’t say anything, I was and felt complicate. So yeah, I’m not going to be sharing that with anyone I know anytime soon.

It’s just so scary how nonchalantly he talked about it – like it was perfectly acceptable, a normal thing to do. To me, it was so absurd I hoped he was joking… but he wasn’t. I should have known better looking back on it… just the way he said it. It’s really disgusting how twisted some people can be, but then I realize that it’s a fine line… here I am and I like to consider myself a good person, but I knowingly let this pervert knock up this underage 16 year old girl still in high school, and said nothing.

I feel pretty shitty about the whole thing, but there’s nothing I can really do about it. I did think about telling the girl, but she was so happy – and the idea of someone possibly getting an abortion because of something I told them… was too much for me. So I just walked away from it, far far away. But it obviously still bothers me.

19. Guys are so weird

Visiting South Carolina and went to a Roller Skating rink with my sister and niece. Talking to a local guy in his forties. He was watching all the barely teen girls skating around and said ‘There’s some pretty little pussy here.” I just walked away.

20. What do you do in this kind of situation?

I wish I was lying.A friend made me come with him to a bar, to meet a girl he’d drunkenly hooked up with the previous weekend.I was on one side of him, she was on the other. She saw a black guy come in, so she said “God, I hate when niggers come to our bars. Like the bar shouldn’t even let any of them in.” That wasn’t the nonchalant part. Minutes later, she said “I’m gonna get a swastika tattoo on my back, with my daughter’s name in it.”

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