15 Reasons Guys With Tattoos Are The Hottest

1. As soon as you see a hot guy with tattoos your eyes open wide and you’re immediately inclined to hop on him because that’s what tattoos are for it turns out.

2. Not all tattoos are created equal. In general people don’t like face tats or the whole head to toe/every inch of skin thing, but even a little ink can make an okay looking guy pop off the page.

3. Sometimes tatted guys are extroverts, but sometimes they’re just shy and vulnerable and want you to leave them alone. When I flew back from Portland last weekend I sat on the Metro next to Stephen James, probably the hottest tatted male model working right now and he is completely covered in tattoos. But he wore long sleeves and kept his hands in his pocket, almost as if he didn’t want anyone to see.

4. Everybody likes a bad guy, and guys with tats are often seen as being more “bad” or “edgy” than everyone else. Whether or not that’s true is up to the individual dude.

5. Finding out a guy has tattoos is like taking him home and discovering he has a HUGE cock! And if he has both well then you’ve just hit the jackpot.

6. There is literally nothing sexier than a guy with a full sleeve omg.

7. Tattoos are like maps on the body: you have built-in areas to kiss and play with when you have sex.

8. A hot guy who can express himself is so hot. And when he can express himself through tattoos it’s always great. Unless the tattoos are dumb, then everything’s just the worst.

9. A guy who has tattoos probably also has other piercings or gauges in his ears or elsewhere on his body, thereby raising his quotient of hotness..if you like that type of guy.

10. What makes hot guys with tattoos so hot is that you’re already inclined to stare at them because of that whole being hot thing. But when he has tattoos you’re even more interested in this glorious freak of nature and you want to know more. And isn’t that the whole point of attraction? Wanting to know more about someone?

11. Guys in tattoos look amazing no matter what they wear because they are already perfectly accessorized.

12. Tattoos aren’t just for hipsterified guys, if that’s what you’re thinking. You can so be a hot guy with tats and be super clean cut and straight edge. Tattoos give everyone a little extra spice. But your secret tattoos that nobody knows about are your deepest, closest held secret, something you only reveal when you’re good and ready.

13. Because seeing shirtless hot guys wearing only pants is a reason to wake up in the morning.

14. Tattoos are always conversation pieces. You can find out about his personality, or ask him about the significance of his tattoos. This makes it super easy to flirt with him, because if you don’t know what else to say you can always just ask about his body art. He’s proud of it, so he’ll definitely talk to you.

15. Finally, they look even better when they Instagram a pic of them holding a cat or a dog. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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