7 More Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

1. “Another Night,” Claptone


I was at Output last weekend, a new nightclub in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where the focus is dance music. Well, not just dance music but the awesome experience of listening to and losing your marbles over dance music, pumped at you through a ridiculous FunctionOne sound system. It was great, but things got even better when the queer DJ team WRECKED dropped a slightly sped up version of “Another Night” by Claptone. Skip to 1:30 for the real juice.

2. “The Stare,” R.Rose


The thing that’s great about techno is that it’s a really diverse playing field. There’s no such thing as “one” form of techno, which is what most people probably think. On “The Stare,” from techno heavy-hitter Rrose’s latest EP Monad XVI, the beat is as relentless as it is soft and cloudy. “The Stare” is dark and moody without feeling too abrasive.

3. “Pulla Stunt,” Zebra Katz


I love me some Zebra Katz. “I’ma Read” is already a classic joint, and it, too, mixes darkly minimal beat work with a lazy rap style that makes the whole song feel chill.

4. “25 Bucks,” Danny Brown


“25 Bucks,” off Danny Brown’s recent record Old, features an awesome guest appearance by Purity Ring, electro wunderkinds of the moment. This song is sort of funny and will probably speak to any black person who has ever had their hair braided: “25 Bucks momma braid yo hair, sit on the porch she’ll do it on the stairs.” Makes me think of summers at grandma’s house #realtalk.

5. “Water Me,” FKA Twigs


The video for “Water Me” is sort of creepy but still awesome and creative and fun!

6. “Elle,” Sophie


SOPHIE is an anonymous (for now) London-based producer of electronic music who has been championed by Dazed and Confused magazine and other dub artists like Skream. There’s a whole lot of buzz around SOPHIE, who recently gave an interview in a high-pitched, distorted voice.

7. “Heartbreak,” Ta-Ku


When you break up with someone there are always all sorts of things that remind you of your time together. For me the thing that always does it is music: songs you listened to together, songs you had sex to together, mix tapes you made for one another, and so on. Ta-Ku, everybody’s favorite electronic music artist/producer of moody breakup songs, just dropped a new record Songs to Break up To, which is exactly what it sounds like. “Heartbreak” is one of those songs that will pull you through those dark, cloudy moments. You’ll be alright, girl. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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