20 Little Quirks People Love About Their Significant Others

The best thing about being in a relationship with someone are all those little things they do that drive you absolutely WILD. You know, the little things they can’t help, things they would do if you were around or not, like singing in the shower as if their life depended on it or walking around naked with their underwear hanging off their junk. We’re all adults, but sometimes we’re kids who never really grew up. Here are 20 little adorable quirks that people love about their significant others. Feel free to leave your adorableness in the comments!

1. Sexcomb

The way she tells bedtime stories to our son. Sometimes I secretly listen to them and enjoy the fairy tales.

2. Crazylittlebitch

His accent. I try to get him to say “pajamas” all the time because it comes out as “pee-yamas”

3. Sgpope

She sticks her tongue out while concentrating. Particularly when doing the dishes.

4. Derpcatz

When we shower together he’s like a little kid in a bathtub. He splashes me, spits water at me, etc, etc, but at the same time he’ll rub my back and soap me up. Even though he makes me late, it’s one of the best parts of my day.

5. Williemayshere

My girlfriend touches stuff with her face. And she smells stuff. It could be a book, an iPod, or a hat. She always puts it up next to her face and touches her cheek on it and then smells it. I always call her weird for it, but I think it is hilarious and cute.

6. KezNezz

My boyfriend sometimes farts when he laughs. I think it’s hilarious yet adorable at the same time. It’s like his butt is trying to laugh too.

7. Milky_Moon

He puffs up his cheeks when he shaves. Like a blowfish. Goddamn, I love him.

8. Anal_Queen

There’s this thing he does with his face when he’s thinking about something that’s so cute. And when he sings in the car, it’s so terrible and he thinks it’s good, makes me want to smack him and kiss him at the same time.

9. Valenkrios

Whenever she makes a sexual innuendo she makes the most innocent face and then says, “What?” very fast/high pitched. It’s adorable.

10. Sanchogomez

I don’t know if this is counts as a quirk or just a general observation, but the view I get of her face when she naps with her head resting on my chest is pretty much the best thing in the entire universe.


11. Betaturtles

He owns a Spider-Man costume that he wears when he plays video games sometimes. It’s true love.


When im angry or in a shit mood she throws me down on the bed and jumps on me and starts saying “whos a good boy, whos a good boy?! Dont be angry” like she would to the puppys and I cant help but to laugh and giggle like a little kid :P


13. picksandchooses

Her big spikes of enthusiasm. She’ll stumble across some new idea or factoid and for the next 2 1/2 minutes it is the most mindbogglingly earth shattering idea the world has ever known.

14. Scapegrace_

You know the joke that everyone hears in elementary school that goes like:
Kid 1: what are you eating under there?
Kid 2: Under where?
Kid 1: Ew, you’re eating underwear?!
Well every morning when my boyfriend is putting on clean underwear he says “Under where? Underwear!” and laughs to himself because of this joke. It’s ridiculous but adorable.

15. PrincessBunyanFart

He always eats his side before his entree. Always.

16. totodile-ac

When he picks me up. i gripe about it and struggle to get away when he does it but i really love how small and protected it makes me feel.

17. Greatlover777

I LOVE my boyfriends stutter.

18. Chiliqtpi

My so is super clumsy not only trips almost every day but also accidentally smashes anything breakable I put in our home within 24 hours. It used to bother me but now that everything I once had and loved is already broken I think it’s cute. For Christmas my sister gave us 24 wine glasses with a card that said mazel tov! They lasted about a month.

19. GringoBingoKingo

She finds it hilarious to put inanimate objects on her head; especially lunch bags.

20. Krakenspoop

She is terrified of the dark/closed closets. It’s endearing, she is so vulnerable about it. So strong in all other ways.

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