Stop Everything You’re Doing And Listen To This Song


Ciara isn’t my FAVORITE artist in the world, but I ain’t gonna lie: she’s kind of fabulous. There once was a time when her goodies were so tantalizing that she was labeled the “First Lady of Crunk&B.” Take it with a grain of salt. With hit singles like 2004’s “Goodies” and “1,2 Step,” and not much else since then, Ciara (whose middle name is Princess, everyone) has moved slightly away from music. Now she’s a darling of the fashion industry.

After signing a multi-million dollar modeling contract with Wilhelmina in 2009, Ciara has done what a lot of struggling R&B performers have tried to do: stay relevant. Who needs mere record sales when you are BFFs with Ricardo Tisci, the designer of Givenchy? Ciara has flipped the script, rebranding herself from a bootylicious hip-hop star to a glamorous high-fashion maven.

Her sultry new single “Body Party,” a kinky joint that’s all about doing kinky things to people’s bodies — “My body is your party, bayyybaaay” — is really promising and sets the ground for a huge Ciara comeback. If you know your 90s music, you’ll recognize the Ghost Town DJs sample of “My Boo.” You know the song: “At night, I think of you. I want to be your lady baby.” A very nice touch.

Just before the Givenchy show during Paris Fashion Week this month, Ciara sang an a cappella version of the song in her bathroom wearing, of course, a Givenchy dress.

One thing’s for sure: Miss Ciara can WORK a front leg slit. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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