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50 Women Share The Beautiful Moment They Realized They’d Found Their Forever Person

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Found on AskReddit.

1. When he ate all of the crunchy parts of the Lucky Charms and left me all of the marshmallows.

“He ate all of the crunchy parts of the Lucky Charms and left me all of the marshmallows.”

2. When he visited me every day in the hospital after my suicide attempt.

“I had gone on a couple of dates with this guy who I had known since high school. We both had had crushes on one another at different times, but it never lined up. Years later I bump into him at a party and both of us were single and it just clicked. A week later I checked myself into the hospital after a long night of battling with my depression and fighting off suicide. He visited me every day I was in the hospital. Brought me all my favorite foods. Picked up my best friends and brought them to visit me too. That’s when I knew.”

3. When my three-year-old sister called him ‘the best big brudder in the world.’

“Shortly after I started dating my now-fiancé, he and I took my then-3-year-old sister out for frozen yogurt for her birthday. He helped her eat hers since he didn’t want any and I was eating mine. Then he taught her to play Connect Four and let her do the 3-year-old thing where they make up their own rules so they win. At one point, she looked up at him over her shoulder and said, ‘you’re the best big brudder in the whole world.’ (She doesn’t have any other brothers, so he’s her first.) My heart melted and I became 100% certain that he was who I needed. To this day, if my sister is asked who her sisters are, he gets listed with the rest of us, usually before me. He’s definitely a keeper and I’m super grateful for him.”

4. When he saved some of his ice cream for me.

“I was eating some of my then-boyfriend’s (now-husband’s) ice cream while we were walking, after polishing off my smaller cup a block before, and gave it back to him. He said, ‘have more.’ ‘I don’t want to eat all your ice cream.’ He laughed and said, ‘I always get a large, so you can eat part of it.’ Then I realized all the things he had done in the time I had known him—small considerate things like that, and he never mentioned them or wanted thanks. That was his green flag.”

5. When he traveled across the country to meet my family.

“We’d been friends for years so I knew he was a good guy, but I guess the thing that really sealed the deal on my opinion of him was the first time he traveled across the country with me to meet my family. We went out to lunch with my grandparents and sat in a gazebo to chat afterwards. When we were ready to leave, he waited for my grandmother to approach the steps and helped her down. That kind of respect and consideration for others is a really good indicator of personality.”

6. When I got period blood all over his sheets, so he changed the sheets and cuddled me.

“My moment of when I knew I was going to be with my SO for the rest of my life is when I slept over and I was on period. I laid on my back in my sleep and woke up and realized I bled on the bed. I panicked because it was only my third time spending the night and he got up and asked me what was wrong. I was so embarrassed but I told him and instead of being grossed out or anything he asked if I was okay. So while I went to the bathroom to clean up he took care of the old sheets and put on new ones. When I came back up he acted like nothing happened and we cuddled and fell asleep. He’s an amazing person in so many different ways I’m a lucky woman.”

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