21 Guys Name The Specific Physical Quirk They Find Sexy In Girls

Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
Flickr / Courtney Rhodes
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1. Super-pale skin.

Super-pale skin. Basically, the more pale a woman is, the more I’m attracted to her. There is no limit to how pale.

2. Big noses.

I like prominent noses. Sofia Coppola’s nose makes me weak in the knees.

Hell, I’d go as far as to say that I’d prefer nice hands over a big chest… and that’s not just because I prefer small breasts, either.

TL;DR: I find attractive hands to be… well, attractive.

3. Brown hair.

If you have brown hair I will most likely want to bone you.

4. Green eyes.

Green eyes.

5. A bit of chub.

A bit of chub on a lady brings me joy.

6. A snaggletooth.

A woman with a snaggletooth is strangely endearing to me.

7. Sharp, vampire-like canines.

I love it when girls have sharp, vampire-like canines.

8. Perfect teeth.


If a girl has perfect teeth or something unique about her teeth, I’m all over it. If a girl has stained teeth or something along those lines I’m out completely.

9. Pretty painted cute dainty toes.

Feet lol. Pretty painted cute dainty toes do it for me. If your feet are fucked up it’s a deal-breaker for me.

10. A nice stomach will override a bad face.

Stomachs. A very unattractive female (face wise) with a nice stomach will have my attention for an embarrassingly long period.

11. Pointy ears.

Pointy ears.

12. Callused hands.

If she has calluses on her hands from working out. Shit’s hawt.

13. Freckles.

Freckles. Why do people not like them, and even worse, why are there now surgeries to get rid of them! They are so adorable. They are a facial feature in itself. I would go bonkers for a lady with a full freckled face.

14. A gummy smile and a little overbite.

Gummy smile and a little overbite.

15. Dark circles under the eyes.

Girls with those dark circles under their eyes work for me for some reason.

16. Slight acne.

Girl with slight acne that’s not egregiously papered over with makeup. It shows that she is confident about her appearance and doesn’t think it’s a big deal. Of course, it helps if she’s already on the good-looking side.

17. Curly hair.

Girls with curly hair. Holy crap does that turn me on. I’m not sure why but even if I don’t find her too attractive beforehand but then she curls her hair, I’m done. I’ll definitely be interested in you. It’s my weakness. Curls may be for the girls but these curls are definitely for this guy.

18. Short girls with small boobs.

I like short girls with small boobs. Let the Lenny faces come.

19. Short women are love.

Short women are love. Short women are life.

20. She needs one distinct “unattractive” facial feature.

I like women with 1 distinct “unattractive” facial feature. Bump in the nose from a broken nose, gap between front teeth, a scar, all those things work for me.

21. All the flaws.

Flaws. All the flaws. Physical mostly. Had a weird super crush on one girl with a lazy eye and then another girl with a ridiculous lisp. It was just hot as fuck for some reason. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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