50 Stupidly Simple Things You Never Realized Girls Consider Attractive

50 Stupidly Simple Things You Never Realized Girls Consider Attractive

Don’t fret, guys, because women on Ask Reddit find these traits attractive.

1. Nerding out about something. There’s nothing more attractive than being passionate about a hobby or ideal. An opportunity to learn something new is hot.

2. A genuine personality. To clarify, a guy who will always be themselves, strange quirks and all, over acting or saying what they think will catch my interest.

3. I find it really attractive when they have very put-together domestic lives. Doing their own laundry and ironing their clothes, planning meals and grocery shopping, and keeping their homes reasonably tidy are all ridiculously sexy. Also, having feminine interests and not feeling like less of a man!

4. Lack of experience. Guys who didn’t have a lot of partners (I don’t like guys who brag about how many women they had in their bed).

5. I really don’t mind awkwardness, and prefer it over someone who’s brash and loud.

6. Sex noises/moans/maybe even some dirty talk. Just because you can be quiet doesn’t mean you should. Its a turn on, definitely.

7. Guys who grew up in less than ideal situations. Poor, alcoholic parents, etc. People in general are sometimes ashamed of their backgrounds, but I admire the ones who get through it.

Also, guys that like staying in. I’m fairly social but over dating guys that need every weekend to be an event.

8. Not having huge muscles. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but guys with super muscles intimidate the fuck out of me. Like I keep imagining one hug from said individual will cause my head to be decapitated from body.

9. Being open, communicative, and honest about their feelings. Nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t want to acknowledge or talk about their emotions… especially cause it usually ends up escalating into a huge argument/thing.

And along those lines, not being afraid to show those emotions just because you’re around your friends. My ex used to call me when he was out with his friends to say good night & I love you before I went to bed — sometimes he stepped out if he wanted to hear more about my day, sometimes he’d just say it when they were within earshot. Nothing better than someone who’s so secure about themselves and their emotions that they don’t try and hide it from their friends. I hate when guys act differently to avoid being seen as “whipped” by their friends… like, really???

10. Not making a lot of money but showing an incredible work ethic. My husband made $9/hr when I met him but he does everything with such dilligence and precision that I knew he and I were a match. I luckily got a degree that earns well so I am the primary breadwinner and he is now a stay at home dad. His attention to details keeps our house running and I am able to see his strengths outside of his earning potential. That’s the great thing about our more progressive society, we can ignore tradition and do what makes us happy.

11. Really close, sometimes looks gay friendship. I think it shows how secure and confident you are in your masculinity that you’re not afraid of women thinking you’re gay, and will just enjoy yourself and have a natural, close, loving friendship, instead of trying to seem “manly” and macho to attract the ladies. (Forced) macho behavior never does it for me

12. Being close to their mothers.

13. Physically? Body hair. I love it, I love the way it feels on my body when I’m naked, love running my fingers through it. It’s so sexy to look at too. I don’t know why but part of my brain starts to go crazy. Also a bit of chub, and yes I have been called a chubby chaser before. Lol

14. Their cute little buttcheeks. It should be more common for men to have their butts appreciated like it is for women. Show me those little toasted buns. Jiggle em for me. I love it.

15. Messy hair—like, bedhead throughout the day. I like styled hair as long as it’s kinda like, still a bit messy or is a side part kinda? Like a grown out undercut. Or just overgrown haircuts that meet the ears. Hair is so important to me for some reason.

16. There’s a guy I like and he looks so damn serious all the time, got a major case of stress lines, frown lines, and world weariness on his face but my god I would do anything to make him smile. When guys look upset being able to make them laugh or smile is my god damn jam.

17. I like my men looking like giant teddy bears. Tall, hairy and overweight.

18. I love gingers. I’m talking about those real pale and freckly with bright redorange hair. I know a lot of em’ get so badly bullied for it but honestly I think it is so attractive.

19. I love a dude with the lack of ego and the wholehearted playfulness to make fun of himself. You’ve done something daft, you have a little insecurity, no biggie, admit it and laugh it off.

20. Wanting to be the little spoon or be held.

21. Bring me a guy that gasps softly at a wonderful view during a hike, grins playfully while pointing out creatures in tide-pools and victoriously during our matches, tears up during the poetry scene in 10 Things I Hate About You, sincerely confesses his deep-seeded fears, rages not against me personally but at our miscommunication and our mistakes, groans during amazing meals and amazing sex, lovingly nuzzles me and my cats. Just someone as emotive as I am, who freely expresses his and gives me a safe place to express mine.

22. I find guys with bags under their eyes weirdly super attractive.

23. Working as a team is sexy (in a relationship) when me and my SO tackle a problem with perfectly coordinated effort I wanna do victory laps on his dick.

24. Honestly? Smelling like a human being, not a Calvin Klein ad. No perfumes or deodorants, showered within the last 24, but not necessarily five minutes out of the water, and something fairly unscented for the soap. A guy is sexiest to me when he smells like himself.

25. Nail polish.

26. I love short men. I’m only 5’3″and it’s so nice when I can actually see his face!

27. I love my husband’s country grammar.

28. When a guy is not ashamed to talk about his feelings and he doesn’t play cool “so that she doesn’t think I’m desperate or something”.

29. I think guys (or anyone) should stop trying to be what they are not. I like honest. I like flawed. You can turn pretty much any flaw into an interesting or even attractive quality if you stop trying to hide it and just let it be. If more people could stop blowing their flaws out of proportion then there’d be more solid connections without distractions. (Unless your flaw is that you’re abusive, narcissistic, or unfaithful. In which case go fuck yourself pal)

30. Being a “beta”.

Our whole concept of western masculinity is completely screwed up- its so aggressive and confrontational. I find nothing more enamoring than someone who isnt afraid to let me shine, too; who is happy to take turns with me playing second fiddle; who shares the less glamorous, “feminized” caring work equally; who is caring and supportive and generally treats me the way i want to be treated.

I was lucky enough to marry a man like this. He’s strong without being overpowering; he’s supported my career by taking the lead in child rearing and going part time at work while I went back to work full time.

Yes. I know how lucky I am.

31. Men with androgynous or more feminine faces. I know the current western trend is square jaws and whatnot, but all the men I’ve been attracted to have had more angular features, more triangle than square.

32. When they can’t control how fast they cum. It’s so flattering to me, because I feel like “I did that.” It just turns me on, and once they’ve cum they can usually go again and last longer so it’s all good.

33. Shyness, being a bit nervous.

34. I had a boyfriend whose nipples were extremely sensitive. Just kissing them made him shiver. He felt a bit ashamed about it, in that ‘a real man…’ bs way. I on the other hand loved him and his nipple shivers!

35. Being willing to admit bicuriousity or bisexuality, or just to appreciate the looks of other guys. Even if you identify as hetero, I think it’s really cool to be so open-minded.

36. Scars, they’ve made you the person you are.

37. When they get excited over little things that aren’t typically ‘manly’. Like a cute kitten, or something like that.

38. How about admitting they’re wrong?

39. Off-the-cuff recitations of movie quotes or songs from memory.

40. Drinking fruity drinks! I think it shows confidence and good taste. Makes me want to buy the next one!

41. Doing anything typically seen as “feminine”. Wearing pink or purple or all the pastels. Enjoying a shopping trip. Cooing at cute animals.

42. Crooked teeth. No meth mouth or anything obviously, but I like it when a dude’s teeth are a bit jacked up.

43. CHUB! Love handles, little squishy bellies, I love love love soft men. All my partner’s have been soft (not overweight, just average unfit dudes) and it’s the best.

44. Boners you can see through sweatpants. Yum.

45. Modesty…

46. Vulnerability. Tell me about that time you questioned your sexuality or that thing about how you were a bully as a kid because your brothers beat you every day.

Vulnerability means trust and security, and there’s nothing sexier than that.

Holy moistness.

My loins are ready.

47. I love a nice guy! I am not sure why so many men think that women love bad boys. Decent women like decent men!

48. I love a guy with unique features. My ex describes his nose as a “beak”, but I found it super sexy.

49. I like when a guys is going bald and completely shaves his whole head. Most guys seem touchy about it, but I kinda like it.

Also grey hair. Me likey.

50. Imperfections can be attractive because they’re unique to that person. So if I find someone attractive on an emotional level I’ll find a lot of their “imperfections” attractive too. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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