39 Small Things Girls Don't Realize Guys Find Absolutely Adorable 

39 Small Things Girls Don’t Realize Guys Find Absolutely Adorable 

Little do you know, you’re adorable when you do these things mentioned on Ask Reddit.

1. Say your name when they say goodnight if it’s over text.

2. Girls tying their hair back when they’re about to do something. I think this is the female equivalent of a man rolling up the long sleeves on his shirt.

3. One girl that I know scrunches her nose to fix her glasses, it’s adorable.

4. I love it when a girl stretches. Just a yawn and a stretch in the morning does it.

5. When a girl like hides her hands in the sleeve of her jumper/hoodie, that is like the cutest thing omg.

6. Mild frustration from a joke. I know, oddly specific, but I swear! They try not to laugh but they can’t help it so the just have a tiny fit and it’s cute to me.

7. When she’s really tired and her voice changes.

8. That little dance they do when they show off a dress with pockets.

9. When their eyes spark up when you see them after a long time. That’s really cute. Makes you feel wanted.

10. When they grab your arm around your upper arm and press their cheek against your shoulder while just holding you. We could be waking side by side or sitting down and I will find this so endearing.

11. Any simple form of touching. It can be really casual but really nice, reassuring and overall friendly.

Gentle pat on the back? Fantastic.

Hug? Amazing.

Messing with you hair? Godly.

12. Look at me first when looking for support/confirmation/advice.

If I trust someone and it’s clear that the feeling is mutual, I will be head over heels for you. I’m a big, stoic guy, but if a lady wins my trust I’m basically a lapdog in human form.

13. That little wiggle when they are putting on tight pants.

14. When they’re a little nervous because they haven’t known you for long and they like you that’s so adorable. Like when they don’t really know what to say and they’re visibly a little bit awkward for a minute. Either on the phone or a date or something. That’s so cute.

15. When they try really hard to do something and their hair gets in their face but the hands are busy so they try to blow it out of their face.

16. I like when they are thinking at work and put their hair over their top lip like a mustache.

17. Not wanting to sound creepy, but sleeping. I swear to god, some girls look like they’re smiling when they’re sleeping.

18. When they sit in a chair that’s just a little too big to be comfortable in, so they pull their legs up in front of them.

19. Stereotypical but smile. Like even the tiniest grin from a girl I like makes my day. Spread some positivity!

20. I don’t know if it’s just me but there’s something about nice legs that get me, like whenever they put their legs across yours.

21. When they make the first move. #TeamIntroverts

22. The way most of them giggle. I don’t know what it is but when you hear a woman genuinely giggle, it’s warming on the inside.

23. When a girl is actually invested in what other people are doing. Not in a creepy “I’m gonna follow you around” way, but in a way that she gets excited at everything about someone else’s passion and tries to understand why they like it, even if it’s not something they’re actually into.

24. When they pull down or adjust their shirt to cover their butt.

25. When they try to copy you. Whether it be they use your slang or do something you do. It’s really cute and makes me feel good knowing someone cares like that.

26. Dance when they eat after being hungry for too long.

27. Cute little sneezes, snoring, and sounds they make sometimes. Even breathing can seem cute.

28. The girl I’m talking to right now hides her face in her jacket whenever something is super cringy. I think it’s adorable.

29. It ranges from cute to attractive, but a compliment for something you think you suck at.

30. Be nice to other people. When I see a girl who is genuine to all people no matter who they are that instantly makes me like them.

31. When they are running or working out and have their hair in a ponytail coming out of the back of their little baseball caps. I just love that.

32. When they sneeze with a really high pitch, like a little cat, I don’t know how to explain it.

33. Girls who playfully punch your shoulder when you make an inappropriate joke or comment.

34. When girls move their hair out of their face and tuck it behind their ear. It’s one of the cutest things ever.

35. When they get attached to, and proudly wear one of your t-shirts with just underwear around the house or on the couch at night. Adorable AF!

36. Curl up in a ball under my arm and go to sleep.

37. Being good with kids. When they’re super playful and gentle with kids, it’ll destroy a man’s heart in the best possible way. Be with a girlfriend or something and she starts being all sweet and giggly toward a kid and some primal part of me starts screaming, “Marry her ASAP.”

38. Wear oversized hoodies.

39. Hold our hand/arm when we’re walking together, it’s a simple gesture but it gives me a real sense of connection and intimacy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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