21 Girls Name The Specific Physical Quirk They Find Sexy In Guys

Flickr / Ulisse Albiati
Flickr / Ulisse Albiati
Found on AskReddit.

1. The way their back muscles move when they reach to grab something…sploosh!

I like men’s backs. I like the way they look in shirts, out of shirts, the way the muscles move when they reach to grab something. How wide they are.


2. Long eyelashes and strong eyebrows.

Guys that have really nice eyelashes…like long gorgeous eyelashes – coupled with strong eyebrows.

3. Larger-than-normal noses.

I didn’t actually realize this until a friend pointed it out. Every single person I am attracted to, ex-boyfriends and my husband all have larger-than-normal noses. I guess it’s a subconscious attraction because it’s not like I scope out noses!

4. Scars and the stories behind them.

Scars and the stories behind them. My man is military and in the police force (not at the same time of course) so the stories behind his scars are always fascinating.

5. Dark, beady eyes.

Dark, beady eyes. God, I don’t know why but a man with beady little Patrick Swayze eyes is so endearing and hot.

6. Hip bones.

Guys’ hip bones. The diagonal divots that point to…mmmm.

7. Arm hair.

Arm hair. It’s just so sensual, and tactile, and cool looking.

8. Hairy hands.

Men with hairy hands.

9. Shapely forearms.

Forearms. And I couldn’t even tell you what aspects I judge upon. Shapeliness? Grffhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

10. Big Adam’s apples.

A prominent Adam’s apple.

11. Veiny forearms.

Men with veiny forearms.

Awwww yiisssssssss.

12. Strong calves.

Calves. Strong calves. My ex-boyfriend used to ride scooter a lot and I never admitted it to him, but I LOVED looking at his calves.

Yet, they were the only source of muscles on his body.

13. Super-tall, super-skinny guys.

I LOVE super tall, super skinny, sort of gangly/awkward guys. If I see a guy that’s skinnier than fuck and like 6’5 and in a fucking tank top and slouchy jeans. Fucking hello. Bonus points for lip-biting.

14. Tall, skinny, nerdy, gangly, white guys.

I love tall, skinny, nerdy white guys. The more gangly, the better.

15. “Artful” looking hands.

Nice hands. Nice “artful” looking hands. I have no idea how to explain this but somehow, in my head, I have decided what a creative man’s hands look like.

16. The smell of a man’s armpits after a lot of hard work.

I like the smell of a man’s armpit B.O. after a lot of hard work.

It’s different if it comes from pure laziness…

17. Guys who smell like they’ve just smoked a cigarette.

Guys who smell like they’ve just smoked a cigarette. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea. The smell just gets to me.

18. Men with disabilities.

I think I must have a disability fetish, because I just go all head-over-heels for guys with mild to moderate physical disabilities. Like, there was an episode of the show True Life that featured a deaf kid receiving a cochlear implant and I just completely fell in love with him. One of my guy friends in high school had a Tourette’s tic that made his leg shake, and I found that incredibly hot for some reason, every time his leg twitched I wanted to ride him into the sunset.

Almost forgot, my fiancé has a speech impediment. sploosh

19. Ridiculously red hair.

Red hair, and I mean like ridiculous red—think Abraham in Walking Dead or Rorschach in Watchmen. I get giddy when I see that on a guy, it’s too cute.

20. A thick, strong ankle.

Their feet. They must have nice, straight-toed feet. The thicker the actual foot, the better. God, I love a thick, strong ankle.

Don’t even get me started on men’s thighs, I love being wrapped like a burrito in a man’s strong legs.

21. Tall, dark and handsome.

I like them tall dark and handsome. There’s something about an olive complexion and dark brown hair that I love. There’s also something that I love about a strong European blade of a nose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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