About The Time I Made Around $165,000 By Robbing Banks For Two Months

Editor’s note: I received this story in early February through our submissions form. I was very excited by it, and told the author so, but I was concerned about verifying whether it were true. When I asked for mugshots and composites the author initially told me he could get them. A few weeks later, he said he didn’t have the resources — he’d have to drive to a city a few counties over and pay for the records to be released, etc. I didn’t want to put him out, so I told him not to worry about it. But to get his story on the site, I still needed his bio and approval on the edits I had made. He never responded to my final query, made on Feb 23. It’s been over five months since then. Based on the tone of our brief email exchange, it seems like he would be fine with my edits, and like he would be fine with us running the piece without getting his bio. At this point all we can give him is his byline, which he expressed wanting to “have out there.” Lloyd Miller is his real name, as far as I know, but all other names, locations, and details that might identify anyone have been changed. – Brandon Scott Gorrell

The first time my brother James approached me about robbing a bank, I just laughed him off. We were discussing the fact that I had a two-month old baby, my rent was past due, I had lost my job. Things were looking bleak. James said to me, “Bro, this guy I was locked up with, told me how to get away with bank robbery.” I thought he was joking.

“His old lady worked for Bank of the West for years. She says that from the time they know they’re being robbed until the police arrive is about three minutes. Do you know how much money you can grab in three minutes?” He was serious. “If I think of a better way to help you feed Stephanie, I’ll do it, but I say we hit this bank.”


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