Heartbreak Is God's Way Of Telling You That He Has Something Exponentially Better For You

9 Things To Tell Yourself In Hard Times

Maybe you are heartbroken. Maybe someone betrayed you. Or left you. Maybe you lost your job. Maybe you are trying for your dream job. Maybe you had a loss or a traumatic experience. No matter what happened, you still have yourself, your beautiful, unique self. Acknowledge your pain, it’s real. But talk to yourself using positive, encouraging words. These are some things that I find work in difficult times. This is what to tell yourself:

My wounds will heal. That’s a powerful reminder. Maybe you will not forget, but the pain will go away, and you will feel better.

I am important. When you go through hard times you feel that nobody understands you, nobody can feel your pain, nobody cares. That’s not true. You are important, no matter what. You count, even if you can’t quite see it.

I matter. I may be just one person but my existence matters. I matter to myself. I matter to the people around me. I matter to the universe.

Eventually everything will work out. Because things do work out, sometimes in unexpected ways and they take a positive turn that you hadn’t even thought about.

Things will get better. Sometimes emotional pain makes you think that this is the end of the world as you know it, that this is something so bad, that it will never get better.

This is a good time. The “right” time or “best” opportunity will never come. Decide to act now. Decide to give it a shot, step out of your comfort zone and just do what you want to do. It’s always a good time!

There’s an end to suffering. You can use your inner resources, your positive thinking, and a supportive social circle to give an end to your suffering. It takes time, but suffering and bad things end.

I am strong and powerful. Yes, you have inner resources of strength and wisdom that you haven’t encountered yet. You don’t know their existence and you haven’t used them yet. Look inside you, line up your strengths, tap into your inner strength and go on.

I am my authentic self. Allow yourself to be who you truly are. Don’t hide, don’t be afraid of what others may think of you. Let go of your fear that you will be judged. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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