This June, I Hope You're Proud Of Being You

This June, I Hope You’re Proud Of Being You

You. You. You. You are phenomenal. You are amazing, creative, talented, smart, hilarious, humble, dedicated, loyal, hard-working, and so many other qualities you haven’t even uncovered yet. You are a magnificent being in the process of becoming more impactful to the world with each day you are alive. You, just being alive alone, is majestic itself.

You are vital to the earth turning on its axis perfectly every day. Maybe it doesn’t feel like this all the time — those mornings you wake up late, the days when you feel defeated at work, the nights you’re catcalled and name-called on your way home. The world is brutal out there, isn’t it? No matter how persistently you have sought to be enough for another person, dedicated yourself to proving your worth, or worked until your body shut itself down, someone out there finds a way to remind you that you aren’t everything.

And you aren’t. Not yet. You’re this incredibly bright, growing human being. Every single day of your life, you’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to beat yourself up for them. And your life will carry on. That’s the beauty of life. We are constantly changing, evolving, and becoming more vital human beings each day we live. Those people who rip open the scars you sewed close countless times don’t see that, but I know in your heart, you do.

This world, this world cannot hold you from being vulnerable, open, and giving. You’re fabulous. You create happiness out of nothing. You construct a life of beauty in the middle of despair. You lift up every person around you, reminding them that they are a gift to this world. But you must treat yourself with this respect, too.

This June, in the midst of all of the tragedies in the world, I hope you’re proud of being you. You were created with a purpose, to bring light in this chaotic universe, to declare that you are exactly where you need to be, right now, and you are exactly the person you should be in this moment. You deserve to recognize this, for you and for everyone else. I hope you let your personality bleed into the lives of those you surround yourself with so radiantly that it inspires them to do the same. It does not matter who you love, what your ethnicity or race is, or your past. Without you, our planet would not have the energy or color it has.

This month, be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. And most of all, be proud of who you are in this world. Be proud of being you.

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