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When A Strong Woman Falls For You

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Thomas Griesbeck

A strong woman doesn’t just simply fall.

She tumbles, she collapses, she plummets, she slips, and she does a complete nose-dive off of her sturdy cliff that she has been clinging onto for so long.

This does not make her weak. Falling for you is the exact opposite of weak. When a strong woman falls, she may fully give herself away, but she is in full knowledge of what she is doing and she embraces it.

See, a strong woman doesn’t fall often. But when a strong woman falls, she completely lets go.

When a strong woman is falling for you, she will give everything of herself to you. This isn’t because she does not know how to handle her emotions. This is because she cares so much for you beyond herself that she is willing to give up pieces of her just to bring comfort to you. She knows that in order to be comfortable with you, she is going to have to learn to become comfortable with emotions that she wasn’t so close with before.

When a strong woman is falling for you, she will say it bluntly, but beautifully. She won’t deny her feelings for you, she won’t hide anything in her mind, but she will know the right times to say how she feels for you. She will be heard, but she won’t be overly stated. She will tell you over and over that she loves you and loves you and loves you, and she does not carelessly give her love away. When a strong woman is falling for you, she will find every way to tell she loves you even without saying it directly.

When a strong woman is falling for you, she will want to get to know everyone in your life. She may not like them, and she will probably say that, but she will be respectful. She will want to make the people in your life just as happy as she wants you to be. She will go out of her way to learn the smallest details about them and give them as much love as she gives you.

When a strong woman is falling for you, you will feel it.

But you won’t just feel it simply. It will somehow feel easy and overwhelmingly joyous at the same time. It will feel like someone has cared for you in no possible way that anyone else ever could or would. It will consume you but it won’t be suffocating. It will be the most balanced love you could ever feel because a strong woman will go out of her way to be the most genuine love you could ever have.

When a strong woman is falling for you, she will show you. You will see it in her eyes, in the way she looks at you like you are perfection, accepting the impurities in you she embraces.

She will show you subtle signs of affection, to let you know that she cares but doesn’t need to show it loudly. She will leave you notes and surprise gestures to ensure that you have a good day, every day. And she will support you in everything you do without you asking.

When a strong woman is falling for you, you will just know. It won’t feel forced. It won’t feel calculated. It won’t feel possessive.

But it will feel like rediscovering a life you may have never thought you needed. When a strong woman is falling, she will awaken the happiest version of you. TC mark

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