16 Men Share The Off Limits Topics They Would Never Discuss With The Woman They Love

Jeremy Bishop


I get really turned on by my wife’s (small) love handles. She’s put on a little bit of weight in the past few months (just to be clear she hasn’t gotten fat and we’re both committed to staying reasonably fit and healthy) and I like that little bit of extra meat. I’m sure she’s happy that I’m attracted to her but there is no good way to tell a woman that you like the fact that she’s plumped up a bit.



How many women I’ve slept with. She thinks it’s low but in reality I was a real whore before I met her and it’s wayyyyy up there.



I never even mention my “ex”. If I have a story, I substitute “friend” or “someone I knew”. Never say “My ex and I used to…”



That I very much worry about her turning out like her mom. It is the reason that I am very tough on her to take hold of her life and be an adult.

Her mom divorced the dad (who didn’t want to get divorced) and now proceeds to blame him for everything wrong in her life. Although it was almost 20 years ago and she continues to make awful decisions and use the kids (my gf and her sister) as financial leverage against him. She is lazy and entitled yet plays the victim.

For the first few years I dated my GF she was never a big fan of her dad and based on what her mom told me, he was the most terrible person on the face of the earth. It wasn’t until her sister moved into town and her fiancé told me he was great. I finally met him and by god, he is one of my favorite people on the planet. Absolutely one of the most genuine, happy, giving people I have ever met. Over the course of the last few years, I have pushed to spend more time with him and his side of the family. My gf has definitely seen the light and has rekindled the relationship with her dad 110%. They now talk literally every day, and she is much happier.



I wouldn’t tell a girlfriend I had slept with prostitutes (safe and legal). Tends to be a thing women frown upon, to put it mildly.



My internet history. Not just the porn. I get sucked into some crazy rabbit holes by 4chan and believe every idea should be explored and evaluated to some extent.



The only thing I’d not openly admit or talk about first is a certain past relationship. It was abusive and I’d rather not bring it up, not that I’m avoiding it but it may make her think I’d have certain lingering effects that I don’t have. Sort of like when I tell people I did two tours in Iraq they assume I have PTSD or something. No, it was an uneventful boring two tours where nothing happened.



That I have an ex who died previously and it still eats at me to this day. It’s hard to talk about to anyone anymore cause I had a previous ex who knew about it and would use her against me in fights.



How much I despise her family. She’s the odd one outa the bunch, everyone in her family is absolutely toxic and I don’t understand how she isn’t the same.



About how you had to reject the advances of someone else. Even if you were totally innocent, just don’t mention it at all.

She will assume things.



That your ex ever did anything better.



That you have had better sex with other objectively more attractive women.



NEVER say that those jeans make her ass look fat. Even if they do.



When she asks what you’re thinking, always say, “Nothing.”

She’ll love it.



Nothing you want kept secret.

Nothing that makes you look vulnerable or weak.

Nothing you’re ashamed of.

Don’t talk about your exes.

Don’t criticize her appearance, past or present, even if she practically hands you an engraved invitation to do so. That haircut she hated that she had five years ago? She’ll hate you for agreeing with her that it looked bad.



That your friends are the most important thing to you and she is second because they have been there for you in good and bad times. Didn’t end well.

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