8 Hotel Workers Reveal The Most Absurd Things They’ve Seen In People’s Rooms

Shutterstock / Tomasz Romski
Shutterstock / Tomasz Romski

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1. I worked front desk at a hotel and one guy brought in a mini-propane grill and started grilling chicken in his room.
We found out when the whole hall started to smell delicious. Unfortunately we had to make him stop.


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2. The housekeeping staff at the hotel I used to work at would put all the dildo’s they found in a box. It was a tradition to wrap the box and give it to the boss (female) at the Christmas party.


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3. Top three:

  • Painted landscapes across three of the four walls. In shit. Surprisingly talented.
  • Used condoms placed over every light bulb in the room. Discovered when the condoms started to burn.
  • Had an employee give out the wrong keys to a room. Parents gave the keys to small children. They ran ahead and opened the door. Inside was a couple performing bdsm, complete with ball gag and crop.


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4. One of my coworkers was vacationing in Mexico and decided buying weed was a good idea….and leaving said weed in a backpack in his hotel room. When they returned to their room, cops were rushing in and out of the room. They began to panic because they were sure they got busted for weed and were headed to a Mexican jail. The cops asked if this was their room and rushed them in. They told the guys to pack-up and that they were getting a new room. The room was a dark, so my friend opened the blinds. Someone had jumped from their balcony and landed on theirs…thus exploding all over the glass door.


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5. My girlfriend works for a hotel. She told me that a guest had complained that her room smelled and wanted someone to go up there and check it out. My GF goes up there and sees that someone placed a turd underneath the bed. Not like a little pellet, but a humongous shit. She said it had to be 1 foot long and as wide as a Coke can.


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6. Not a housekeeper, but a supervisor at a hotel. Two weeks ago I get a call in the middle of the night from one of the bellmen telling me he needs help. I throw on some clothes and run over (I live across the street) to find a drunk guy passed out in one of the lobby bathroom stalls amongst the single most foul odor I have ever smelled. Couldn’t remember his room or who he was with.. Turns out he had decided to take a shit in the hallway and then fell in it, smearing it all over himself and the floor. Ended with me having to call the police and him calling me mean. That was actually the second time a drunk guy pooped in our hallway.
Also, a housekeeper once found a prostitutes “menu” of the services she performed. As well as a bag full of dildos.


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7. Did maintenance for a hotel for a few months. The owner and his wife both were involved in the business. I walked into a room where the curtain rod was torn down. In there was the owner and our 18 year old front desk worker. He gave me $2000 cash to not tell his wife.


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8. I’m not a worker for a hotel or what have you, but my room mate used to work as one and told me stories where they cleaned up a room once and found someone had shit into empty bottles and placed them behind radiators. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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