Ranking The Characters From 'Stranger Things' From Best To The Absolute Worst

Ranking The Characters From ‘Stranger Things’ From Best To The Absolute Worst

Stranger Things is finally back for season 3, and I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s next for the kids of Hawkins Indiana. After two seasons, we have a mix of characters that have grown and some that have stayed the same all while dealing with the terror that lives inside and outside of Hawkins, Indiana. Some are great, some aren’t so great, and some live somewhere safely in the middle.

I’m ranking 13 of these characters from best to worst:

1. Eleven

I mean it’s obvious. She saves the town of Hawkins over and over again, all while dealing with a nasty nosebleed. Eleven turns cars upside down, takes down bullies, and defeats out-of-this-world monsters. She’s a total badass. Plus her favorite food is Eggo waffles and to be honest that’s what sold me on her being my favorite and in this list, the best. But, let’s be real, everyone would be dead without her, so she’s undoubtedly number 1.

2. Chief Jim Hopper

He’s your classic good guy, hero type that you can’t help but love. Hopper makes some arguably idiotic choices, but it’s all in the fight of good overcoming evil. He’s basically Eleven’s guardian now, and it’s adorable to see how much he cares about her. He helped save Will, and he helped Eleven save everybody, so he easily ranks second on the list.

3. Joyce Byers

Joyce is a super-mom who’s love for her child pushed her to figure out a way to communicate with him in another dimension. That’s impressive. She also had no fear when she stepped inside the upside down to find her son. There’s nothing that’ll stop Joyce from protecting both of her sons which makes her that much more admirable and lovable.

4. Will Byers

Besides being totally adorable, Will has been through the wire. The poor kid was sucked to an alternative universe where he had to deal with Demorgorans and shadow monsters. Then he broke free, and they still found a way to inhabit his body in the real world. The kid can’t catch a break. I hope he has better luck in Season 3 but to be honest, I think he’s probably going to get screwed again.

5. Jonathan Byers

Clearly, I’m a fan of the entire Byers clan and Jonathan is no exception. He has a heart of gold with the purest intentions. He’s a protective big brother and put up an incredible fight for his brother to come back. He’s also a respectful person and that shows in his relationship with Nancy.

6. Steve Harrington

Most-changed goes to Steve Harrington. He started out as a standard douchebag in season 1 but has evolved into this more caring person that has gone above and beyond to protect the kids. He’s pushed past his fears to face the evil creatures of Hawkins and has definitely changed my perspective from the beginning of Season 1 to now. His character still has plenty of room to grow, but he’s quickly become one of my favorites.

7. Mike Wheeler

You can’t help but love Mike after watching how protective he is over Eleven. Without knowing much about her, he’s never been afraid to put it all on the line for her. He’s a sweet kid and a great friend with good intentions, even if he can act irrationally at times. He’s got a lot of room to grow, and I’m sure he will in the coming season.

8. Nancy Wheeler

Nancy’s been a little all over the place, but she’s come through when it’s mattered. She’s had a rough go of things after losing a best friend, and then a boyfriend. But her character has really grown after spending more of her time with Jonathan and proving that she cares enough to protect her little brother and his friends.

9. Max Mayfield

We still don’t know too much about Max, as we only met her in the second season. Still, I can’t help but admire her courage she’s faced from the very start, whether it was dealing with her abusive brother or choosing to help the boys without knowing much about them. She’s a brave girl with a heroic mindset and arguably has the most potential to grow.

10. Lucas Sinclair

Lucas is a sweet kid but can sometimes let his temper get the best of him, which has landed him towards the bottom of my list. He has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to jealousy and how to handle disagreements. His instinct is way off as he wasn’t a fan of Eleven at first, even though she saved him and the entire town TWICE. He has the most opportunity to mature.

11. Dustin Henderson

Ugh, Dustin. I’m still not over you harboring a baby Demogorgon because you thought it was cute. Being that naïve not only put you in danger but everyone around you, including your innocent cat. Dustin has a lot of growing up to do. Gaining some common sense wouldn’t hurt him either.

12. Billy Hargrove

Well, Billy sucks. It seems like his abusive tendencies were passed down to him, but he still has the chance to break the cycle. Billy hasn’t proven to be a good sibling or friend. He can always change, but it doesn’t seem likely after this last season. He has a lot of built up rage and anger towards everyone around him that he doesn’t seem to want to let go of.

13. Dr. Brenner

Dr. Brenner tortured Eleven her entire childhood along with several other kids that had telepathic powers, all for his own scientific gain. He doesn’t feel remorse nor accepts his behavior as abuse. Nobody has done more wrong than Dr. Brenner and the agents that aided him.

Stranger Things returns for Season 3, July 4, 2019.

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