8 Alternate Endings From Famous Horror Movies You Don’t Know About

8 Alternate Endings From Famous Horror Movies You Don’t Know About

Get Out

This movie had wild twists and turns the whole time, and you’re not even sure what is happening until the end. As far as the plot goes, the ending is relatively positive. However, the alternate ending has a much bleaker fate for our main character.

The Butterfly Effect

In order to break the cycle of destruction, Ashton Kutcher’s character goes back in time and makes sure that he never meets the girl of his dreams. The alternate ending, however, takes it one step further, and the main character goes back to strangled himself in utero so that he is never born. Yikes.


Ari Aster released an entire director’s cut with several scenes that didn’t make the film, like this unseen ritual that is just as stomach-turning, if not more, than the ones featured in the movie.


In the original ending, the main character Paxton murders the businessman who tortured Paxton while he was imprisoned. In the alternate ending, Paxton kidnaps the child for revenge. However, the decision was made to keep the first version because the director didn’t think kidnapping was as heroic of a vengence as murder (he’s oddly right).


John Cusack plays a man who is dealing poorly with the death of his daughter and his strained relationship with his ex-wife. He decides to stay in haunted hotel rooms to prove they are fake. Turns out the Dolphin Hotel’s room 1408 is no joke. In the final cut’s ending, he sets the room on fire and is rescued by firefighters just in time. Originally, Cusack’s character dies in the fire and becomes one of the ghosts that haunt 1408.

Little Shop of Horrors

I present to you without comment, the original ending of Little Shop of Horrors (before they changed it because test audiences hated it):

Paranormal Activity

The director of Paranormal Activity had so much fun with the loosey goosey plot of the franchise that they were able to film several endings. Here are the Theatrical ending, the Original ending, and the Alternate ending all playing at the same time for reference. Paramount wanted sequels to the first movie, so they kept Katie alive to allow for the franchise to continue.

Final Destination

Directors of Final Destination completely cut out a romantic relationship between Alex and Clear. They end up hooking up after Clear goes on a rant about her daddy issues, and she ends up getting pregnant. But her life and her baby’s life is saved by Alex when he sacrifices himself so that Clear is skipped. This. Changes. Everything.

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