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I Want To Fall In Love With You Slowly

In this instantaneous world of fickle connection, I want to fall in love with you slowly.

When we go on our first date, I don’t want butterflies in my stomach or electrifying kisses that send my senses into overdrive. I don’t want to tell you my whole life story in one sitting. I don’t want to rush into a relationship with you. I don’t want to fall in love with the idea of you. I don’t want to tick my imaginary checklist on how great you fare and let this be the base of our compatibility. I don’t want to idealize you and the potential of what we could have. I don’t want to like you to the extent that I lose sight of who I am.

I want to look squarely into your eyes and smile at the warmness in them. I want to relish the process of knowing you, your quirks, and the little things that make you who you are. I want to be mesmerized by the stories you share and emboldened by the experiences that build you to the confident and strong person you are today. I want to unravel your mind and discover the mysteries and secrets behind your flawless façade. I want to let down my guard and open my heart to the possibility of love. I want to be comfortable in my skin and confident that I’m attractive and deserving of the love that I seek. I want to know you on a deeper level, beyond superficial appearance and shallow conversation. I want to be present right here with you at this moment as I find myself falling for you.

In this backdrop of fleeing attachment, I want to take my time to form a bond that lasts.

I don’t want a short-lived love that ends as fast as it started. I don’t want an explosive love celebrated for its vibrancy and beauty across the glittering skyline that faded almost instantly. I don’t want a rom com kind of love that has no practicality in reality. I don’t want a roller-coaster love that makes me insanely happy and extremely sad. I don’t want a mediocre love that we settle for just because we don’t want to be alone. I don’t want a convenient relationship that looks good on paper as opposed to what we truly need.

I want someone who is both my soulmate and my best friend. I want spontaneity, late-night chats, and long road trips. I want time to be a testament to how far we have grown. I want the right kind of love where we look at each other and know that we have found our person. I want a safe love that makes me feel so assured and warm in your presence, as I can always count on you to catch me when I fall. I want a comfortable love where we can both be ourselves while indulging in the present moment. I want an easy love without any drama or complication. I want a simple love where both of us can be with each other. I want the love that comes but once in a lifetime.

In this modern era of love, I want a love that withstands the test of time. I want a love that endures through hardship and thrives from pressure. I want us to be the odds that survived.

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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