Dear Best Friend, Thank You For Loving Me

Dear best friend,

I don’t say this enough, thank you.

Thank you for the happiness, the love, and light you bring into my life. Your presence is irreplaceable and I thank the universe every day for sending you to me.

You are dearest to my heart. The blood sister I wish for since young. The most precious blessing that has been bestowed upon me.

Time and distance cannot separate us. We may not be able to see each other as often as we would like but please know that I have never stop thinking about you.

Your presence never left me. Our song that plays on the radio. The text messages that gush our most inner thoughts and rants. The phone calls that connect us for that precious few moments. The anticipated plans that we look forward to every single time. The social media that keeps us in the loop of each other lives. The undeniable knowledge that no matter what changes we encounter and whoever comes into our lives, we will always have each other.

Thank you for loving me so unconditionally. You know me even better than I know myself sometimes. You know the bag that I lust after and the TV show that I’m obsessed with. You know my drink order and the type of guys I crush over. You know what a hoarder I am by buying multiple colors of the same clothing. You know all my other friends and you have met my family members. You know my guilty pleasures and you indulge me in whatever I want to do. You know all my dreams and hopes and encourage me enthusiastically to do what makes me happy. You know my darkest fears and my deepest secrets and you never judge me for my mistakes and actions.

You were there at my lowest when I was heartbroken and beside myself with grief. You spent all your time with me and to ensure that I was okay. You were there for me during every failure and loss that I faced and it was your unwavering love and support that pulled me through some of the toughest periods in my life.

I remember those insane shopping trips we took to Sephora and buying another lipstick that we don’t need but makes us so incredibly happy. The shopping haul that felt like it could indeed buy us real happiness. I remember all the musical and concert we attended, the art exhibition we bonded over, and the theme park where we made some of our best memories.

The vacations we took to faraway lands where we lived out our wildest desires and revel each moment fully. The milestones that we cross together and how we celebrate every special occasion and our birthdays with each other.

And I want to tell you how much I appreciated what you have done for me and that I admired you so much. You inspire me more than you know.

Your quiet strength to hold yourself together and doing your best to cope when your life falls apart before your eyes. The dignified grace flowing through you as you held your head up high refusing to be cowered by the twist of fate that life dealt you with. The steely determination you possess to do all you can take to see through your goals. Your kind compassion to see the best in people despite how often people disappoint. Your unyielding resilience to try harder and push through whatever obstacles that stand your way. Your fierce loyalty to all the people close to you and always having their back. Your prevalent optimism that tomorrow is a better day.

Life could be hard but you never let it defeat you. And maybe that’s why we are best friends. We are good at surviving and thriving together in this crazy journey. We have each other and everything would be okay.

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