2019, I Am Ready For You

2019, I Am Ready For You

2019, I am ready for you.

I will do you right and start you with a clean slate. I will see you like a fresh start to rewrite my tale where it’s going to be all about me. I will believe in you that you have my best interest at heart and lead me to where I’m supposed to go. I will face you with anticipation, exhilaration, and elation at the untold adventures and memories we are going to make together. I will fall in love with your seasons, your lessons, and your many surprising twists and turns that I know will eventually make sense.

You will be my blank canvas to paint all my wildest dreams and highest hopes. You will be my biggest motivator to tear down the impossible odds and stumbling blocks looming ahead. You will be my beloved champion advocating on my self-love and reminding me to always focus on myself. You will be my lighthouse to guide me faithfully out of troubled water and risky endeavor. You will be my best friend embracing all my flaws and insecurities while never failing to see the best of me.

2019, I will make it a year of me.

It’s time to step up my game and make it a better year than the previous one. It’s now or never to start thinking and giving serious thought to what I hope to achieve and coming up with a concrete plan to materialize it. It’s my turn to shine by focusing completely on myself instead of caring about others’ opinions and comparing my path with them.

You won’t be my hero to save me, but you will be my mentor to shape me into a worthy lead character that takes charges of my life boldly, firmly, and confidently. You won’t be the sweet victory that falls effortlessly into my lap but you will be a result of my hard work, perseverance and resolve. You won’t be merely an outcome that I desperately seek but you will be a journey that allows me to get to know myself well.

2019, I will be brave for you.

I promise that no matter what looms ahead, I will face it with courage, optimism, and resilience that I will be okay. I promise to not think of the worse and submerge myself in negativity and toxic behavior. I promise to stay true to myself and pursue the things that make my heart pound and m blood sizzles with unstoppable energy. I promise to stay away from toxic people and let go of the past that hurt me. I promise to surround myself with likeminded people that encourage and inspire me to be a better version of me.

I promise to toss away my outdated belief and misguided fear that chained me to my comfort zone. I promise to take the first step towards everything I ever wanted and let my dreams take flight. I promise to grab hold of the moment and dare to live loudly, fully, and be totally in the present. I promise to stop waiting as the time to act is truly now.

I promise to believe in you that you will finally be the year for me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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