This Is Why You Absolutely Hate Modern Dating, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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You hate modern dating because you do what you like. You don’t conform to any rules. What do you mean you can’t text first? Or you can’t appear too interested? You’ll text back immediately and you’ll confess your feelings on the first date if that’s what you’re into. You’ll be overenthusiastic and over share your intimate details and be unapologetically you. Nobody gets a say in how you should behave, much less how you date. You do you and if anyone has a second opinion, you’ll show them to the door like the badass you are.


You hate modern dating because you’re looking for your soulmate. (Disclaimer: Players need not apply and those who’re looking for a hookup, please stay away.) You live for romance and you’re made for commitment. Dating excites you, but you’re not just looking for love for the sake of it. You know what kind of relationship you want and what you deserve. You’re seeking for a serious relationship and anything casual turns you off. Nothing will deter you in your search for the right person as you navigate your way with determination and purpose.


You hate modern dating because you need open communication. Your ideal date filled with non-stop conversations that are stimulating and authentic. You’re an open book. You say what you mean and mean what you say. Similarly, you appreciate honesty and directness instead of hiding behind façades and being fake. You believe in labels and knowing whatever this is going. If you’re interested in someone, you tell him or her. As such, you often feel lost in the modern dating scene of mixed signals and gray areas.


You hate modern dating because you’re willing to wait for the right one. It’s not that you’re closed off to the idea of love; on the contrary, you want to settle down with the love of your life and you look forward to meeting them. But at the same time, you’re not desperately seeking your soulmate as you understand that everyone has a different timeline when it comes to settling down and you trust that everything will fall smoothly into place at the right time. You don’t buy the idea that modern dating has drilled into you, that you have to hit a specific milestone by a certain age.


You hate modern dating because you love wholeheartedly. For you, there’s no gray area, ‘almost relationship’, and restraint when it comes to your relationship. You love as fiercely as the sun and your deep affection pierces through the heart of the most unemotional lover. You put all your eggs in one basket and devote all your attention to one person rather than keeping your option open. You rather take your chances and crash and burn knowing that you loved and lost than not at all. You’re fearless in love and there’s nothing that you won’t do in the name of love.


You hate modern dating because you have high standards. The word ‘settle’ doesn’t exist in your vocabulary. In life, you uphold high expectations for yourself and love is exception. You seek a relationship that is as close to perfection in possible and look for a partner who meets your standards. You don’t treat love as a spontaneous matter. You calculate and plan to the last step. You’re fixated on finding someone who ticks all the criterion on your checklist and you vow that only until then, will you give love a shot.


You hate modern dating because you’re confused over your own feelings. The good news of being a romantic sign is that everyone loves you. However, the bad news is that you don’t know whom to choose. You look at everyone through rose-tinged glasses and put them on a pedestal, thinking that they’re perfect. You rush into relationships before you know any better. The grim reality is that you often end up with an incompatible and abusive partners. As you’re accommodating and self-sacrificing, you get stuck in toxic relationships more often than not.


You hate modern dating because you seek a deep connection. You simply abhor the hookup culture that modern dating is associated with and you want nothing to do with it. You cannot imagine meeting the love of your life on an app or getting to know a stranger without first knowing who they are in real life. You’re extremely selective when it comes to dating and you need a lover who won’t flinch away from your intensity and able to handle you at your worst—for you’re a force of nature and you’re definitely not for the faint of heart.


You hate modern dating because you’re looking for something different. As an adventurous sign, you detest anything mundane and routine. You grab life by its throat and stare fear in the face instead of cowering in defeat. In love, you yearn for someone who takes you by surprise and makes your heart pound in vigor and passion for more. You cannot do texting through a screen, boring first dates, and dating only for the sake of it. You need spontaneous plans, 2a.m. heart-to-hearts and real connections that make you feel truly alive.


You hate modern dating because you’re too serious. Composed and collected, you’re intimidating in the dating scene as you treat everyone as disposable until they have proven otherwise. You’re cold and mechanical to a fault simply because you don’t want to waste your time and you don’t see any point in continuing in something that doesn’t hold your interest. You’re outcome-oriented and you’ll do whatever you deem necessary to reach the end. You refuse to go with the flow and the last thing you’ll do is to leave anything to chance.


You hate modern dating because you’re against anything casual. You don’t believe in love at first sight, or ever having an instantaneous connection. You’re strongly convinced that anything worth having takes time to build and every successful relationship starts off as friendship first. You find superficial small talk distasteful and you hate how everyone judges everyone based on skin-deep first impressions. You give up on modern dating, as you rather stay single than conform to the supposed norm of treating love as a casual affair when every fiber of you protests against that.


You hate modern dating because you’re too idealistic in love. You picture yourself as the damsel in distress and you daydream of the day when you find someone. You imagine yourself finding them in a random coffee shop, on a blind date, and basically anywhere. You dive straight into modern dating by wearing your heart on your sleeve and you love like a child, with the innocent belief that everyone is trustworthy until proven otherwise. You put your heart in the hands of the wrong people and trust that they wouldn’t hurt you, even when they repeatedly let you down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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