To The Man I Love Next, I Promise You All Of My Heart


To the man I love next, I want to take all the time in the world to know you. I won’t jump into a relationship with you right away and put a label on what we have in the beginning. I won’t be so smitten with you that I fall in so deep before I know what is happening. And you won’t be so mesmerized with me that you think I’m everything you want without knowing me on a deeper level.

I want to be best friends with you first, bonding over our similarities and learning our differences.

I want to know your best childhood memories and what make your soul ache. I want to be connected with you, sharing our knowing look across the crowded room. I want you to forever look at me with your warm, expressive eyes and a reassuring smile that never fails to calm my racing heart.

I want us to be partners, both committed to us and putting in effort to make our relationship grow. I want us to inspire and encourage each other, helping us become better versions of ourselves.

To the man I love next, I want to love you in the little things. I don’t want a fairytale romance starring you as the gallant hero and me the reluctant female lead. I don’t want a love so dazzling like the stars in the night sky. I don’t want you to make my heart flutter and my senses to spin out of control.

I want a love rooted in the mundane and ordinary so that you are a part of my daily life. I want a love that thrives under pressure and blossoms in the face of obstacles.

I want to fall in love with your mind – brilliant and worldly, constantly telling me things that fascinate you. I want to get used to your presence – faithful and consistent in my life, showing up to be with me because there’s nothing you rather do. I want to be with you in reality – feel you in your warm flesh and hear the loud pounding of your heart as I press my ear against your chest, feeling safe in your presence.

I want to be with you through thick and thin, from the good times to bad times.

I want you to love me, not only when things are easy and you want me to share your joy and successes. I want you to think of me even when your world flickers into darkness, and instead of pushing me out at the first instance, you instinctively pull me tightly into your embrace and reassure me that we will survive this.

I want you to listen to me and trust me when I tell you our love is strong and real enough to overcome anything.

To the man I love next, I promise to love you with all my heart.

I promise you I will do everything I can to make our relationship last. I promise I will never stop trying, even when the circumstances dictate that we should give up. I promise to never wave the white flag and walk away at the first sign of troubles. I promise I will stop expecting the worse and have faith in us.

I promise I will not withhold my feelings for you, just to avoid getting hurt. I promise I will love you like no others, with every inch of my heart and soul.

For you have my love, all of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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