I Promised You Forever, And I Meant That


Forever. That’s a big word. Just seven letters, but it carries the weight of dedication, of loyalty, of promise.

Forever means consistency. It means stability. It means being there through both good and bad, through pain and celebration, through loss and growth and everything in-between.

And see, when I promised you forever, I meant it.

I promised you that I’d stand by your side, that I’d be there when it counted, that I would be someone you could depend on, trust, and lean into when you felt alone.

I promised that I’d be your friend. That I would answer the phone when you called, that I would get in my car and drive to you, whenever you needed me. That I would listen as you poured your heart out to me, and keep your secrets safe.

I promised to love you. Even on the days when you felt unlovable. Even on the days when you disappointed me or pushed me away. Even on the days when loving you was hard, I still promised.

And I intend to keep that promise.

I promised you that I would be yours forever, through distance, through anger, through fear, through pain. I promised that when you looked for me, I would be there. That when your heart was aching, I would do all that I could to make it better.

I couldn’t promise you perfection, but I promised you only a little short.

I promised you my attention, my laughter, my smile, my heart. I promised you my most vulnerable thoughts, my most honest confessions.

I promised you all of myself that I could give.
And I promise to keep that promise.

See, I promised you forever. And forever is a long stretch of time. Forever is hours spent picking apart the darkest corners of each other’s minds. Forever is thousands of stars floating across the night sky. Forever is long nights laying in the grass field behind your house. Forever is the endless highways we will drive, hands held across the center console.

Forever is all the pieces of my heart that I can give to you, even the ones that are imperfect and cracked. Forever is all of my love, every day, even when I am tired or lonely or scared or weak.

I promised you forever. Forever to be your love, your friend, the one you need.

Maybe forever’s a big word, seven little letters of infinity.
But I still promise you it, until my heart stops beating. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Marisa is a writer, poet, & editor. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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