December 2018 New Moon In Sagittarius: Everything Will Get Better

December 2018 New Moon In Sagittarius: Everything Will Get Better

There is a new moon in the sign of Sagittarius on December 7, 2018. Sagittarius is an extremely hopeful and optimistic sign, which is what everyone in the world is in desperate need of right now – hope. The last few months of 2018 has been a lot of weight to carry for many. There has been so much energy being transmitted within the universe, natural disasters all over the world, and a lot of death and barriers that shook many to their core.

This month the new moon feels extra heightened and surreal because we are in preparation for the Solar Eclipse, a lot of unique constellations are happening the night of the new moon, and the new moon is accompanied by Mars and Neptune. When we mix astrological events with two planets such as Mars and Neptune we see dramatic changes in mood and emotion. Mars and Neptune will offer a space that could be filled with turmoil, aggression, confusion, deception, and complete devastation.

New moons are time to plant seeds, only to later harvest those seeds around the time of the full moon. This new moon is asking you to specifically plant seeds of hope and progression. You are being asked to dive into the depths of your own optimism and try to envision a reality that feels instrumentally better than the one you are living in right now.

Trying times have happened and are happening, but with the right mindset and the power of the new moon, we have the opportunity to completely rewrite the narrative of our life.

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We have the power to make things better, to make things feel good again. No matter what situation we are being faced with currently, it is up to us to not only strive for better days but to create them as well.

This moon we are being asked to work through our rough emotions, to lay them peacefully to rest as soon as they no longer serve us. Now is not the time for lingering baggage.

This new moon is a time to search for clarity, greater understanding, and to truly pray for the peace that our lives have been missing.

Be present. Seek. Unravel. Accept. Forgive. Keep moving forward.

May you find a home in the discomfort while you simultaneously build something beyond what you have ever imagined. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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