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October’s 2018 Full Moon In Taurus Tells You It’s Time To Move Forward With Peace

There is a full moon on Wednesday, October 24, 2018, in Taurus while also joining the planet Uranus. This full moon is all about re-establishing our excitement for life, all around change, and moving forward with peace.

When Venus is in opposition Uranus we are faced with changes in our romantic life, our financial status, and all of our emotions. Allow movement to do what fluidity must do during this time. The October 2018 full moon also affects Saturn, which levels out the impulsive nature of Uranus. Saturn energy during this time will turn unexpected changes into opportunities as well as all uncertainty into reassurance and commitment.

Earlier this month we had a new moon that focused all about planting seeds around living here in the present. The new moon was all about making peace right here and right now. This month’s full moon is asking that you harvest the seeds that you planted earlier in the month. Not only are you being called to make peace with your present, but you are being called to bring peace with you as you move forward and endlessly evolve. 

You are being asked to get rid of absolutely everything that does not serve your greater good. You are being asked to delight yourself into your current reality, even if it’s a circumstance that once seemed less than ideal. You are being asked to move forward with grace, to dip your toes into the unknown with the utmost faith, to lay your burdens and your past to rest, and to find absolute joy as you journey forward. 

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This full moon is a time to make amends with your own mind, to silently forgive everything that has hurt you, and to align with yourself on a level that you haven’t been able to before.

This full moon is all about seeing a new light, it’s about giving yourself permission to step into the life and the person that you are meant to embrace at this time in your life.

Take this time to manifest and visualize the life you truly want to be living. Use this time to forgive, to let go, and to make new. Now is a time of dreams, excitement, compassion, and traveling forward a little lighter and with a lot more peace. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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