27 Things Every Virgo Does After A Breakup

It is almost Virgo season! In honor of the season, I think it’s relevant to talk about some things this sign does after a breakup. Anyone born under the sign of Virgo is said to be analytical and always searching for wisdom, but they also can be overthinking-self-sabotagers. Here are 27 things you may see a Virgo doing, post heartbreak:

1. Cut their hair

2. Spend a day in bed

3. Get their revenge body or atleast plan how they will get it

4. Stalk their ex on social media

5. Stalk all their exes on social media

6. Over analyze their self destructive behaviors so they can change them

7. Write about their pain and their freedom simultaneously

8. Reach out to old friends and relationships

9. Invest in some serious retail therapy

10. Die their hair a completely different color

11. Plan a vacation and spend hours looking at the destinations and Airbnb’s

12. Make a game plan about how to feel better

13. Replay every minuscule situation that brought them to this time in their lives

14. Discover healthy coping mechanisms while simultaneously using unhealthy ones

15. Become the masters of their own self sabotage

16. Have really high highs and really low lows

17. Map out how to live and have a better life

18. Glow up. Give themselves a makeover. New skin, new makeup, who dis

19. Struggle with the closure / lack of closure they were given when the relationship was ending

20. Bask in any and all positive attention they receive from others, even if it’s just the person giving them coffee in the morning – they don’t solely turn inward mid grieving process

21. Question who they really are

22. Try and attempt to find deep meaning in absolutely nothing

23. Go through a phase of ‘not giving a fuck’

24. Consider quitting their job or school

25. Not be afraid to speak the truth, even if it makes someone else look bad

26. Process to no end

27. Move the fuck on Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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