Here Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For January 2021

2021 is finally here! We closed 2020 with the Full Moon in Cancer on the 29th of December. That energy will carry over to this month, allowing 2021 to be a healing year for us. January sets the groundwork for the changes that will happen. Saturn and Jupiter are now in Aquarius, a change that shows that this will be a few years focused on the collective. This month begins with one of the biggest shifts and that is that Mars will finally be in an earth sign, Taurus after nearly six months in Aries. On the 6th Mars enters Taurus and will once again square Saturn but since these are different modalities, the impact will be different. Mars in Taurus likes to take its time, the moves are not as impulsive as Aries. This is a slow burn but when hot, you will need to run out of the kitchen. On the 8th, Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus enters the sign of Capricorn our value system will be on the more practical side. We might be more inspired to save than to spend with Venus in this Earth sign. On the 13th, the New Moon in Capricorn has us changing our priorities to greater things. What we begin now will require a lot of hard work and dedication, but the payoff will be satisfying. The Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th and the month ends with a Full Moon in Leo on the 28th. The Fixed energy this month will be intense, and it is a breath of fresh air compared to the Cardinal stellium in 2020. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

Aries – New Year and you have the Two of Wands in your reading. This card is a powerful and inspiring lesson. This shows that chapters are closing, you are waiting for the new day and are ready to manifest change. You feel brave and are exploring potential options. Those hardships from the year before are coming to an end, especially with Mars moving out of Aries and into Taurus on January 6th. While Mercury enters Aquarius on the 8th, you are going to feel the need to reach out to your friends and associates to get you pumped up and motivated throughout the rest of the month. On the same day, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn, empowering you to further your goals and ambitions. You are going to feel a lot more confident in the spotlight now as you continue to make some great moves. It will be a good time to impress your bosses or professors. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th is a time where you will add onto the messages that this Venus transit has to offer. Another wonderful transit will be on the 28th, with the Full Moon in Leo making you feel a burst of confidence, drive, and passion. You are ready to throw yourself out there and are here to have some fun.

Taurus – One of the major events this month for you will be that Mars is finally moving in your sign after it is six month run in the sign of Aries. This is great for you because it will push you to be more goal oriented during the beginning of the year. As the King of Pentacles this month, you are starting things right by being levelheaded and extremely ambitious. When Mercury enters Aquarius on the 8th, this will have everyone take notice with what you have to say as well as your output at work. On the same day, Venus enters Capricorn, giving you the patience and grace to get what you want. This trine to your sign from Venus and Mars already in your sign will only add a double dose of motivation. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, has you reaching towards the spiritual side of things or you might even contemplate planning a trip for the future (when traveling is safe again). Either way, this sparks a new journey in the works. The month closes with the Full Moon in Leo on the 28th, a good and pleasant transit that will have you focused on renovation or just relaxation from home.

Gemini – January is a month where you will see your faith in you grow. When Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius on the 8th, you are going to feel inspired to just dive into learning more. If you are in school, you might be contemplating many majors at once or just feeling more assured about declaring in a field. Venus will be entering the sign of Capricorn on the same day, a good transit that will allow you to evaluate your finances as well as find solutions to generate more growth. Any hurt you might feel will slowly heal with this transit as you gain strength from Venus. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th is a good way to focus on your own self-worth as well as your goals for the future. When the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th, you are going to be feeling more in sync with your thoughts and intellectual pursuits. Finally, the Full Moon in Leo on the 28th is a time where you are going to feel confidence as this transit will have you sharper and more spontaneous than usual. Justice is your card for the month. If you have been wronged, you will see things moving in your favor. Remember to be patient.

Cancer – Last month we experienced the Full Moon in your sign on the 29th. For the first two weeks of the New Year, you are going to be reflective and pensive. With the Five of Pentacles Reversed as your card for the month, this shows you are rising from a tough situation and finding your footing. This was an ego driven moon for you, as you noticed your needs and wants as well as the changes you need to make to flourish for this New Year. On the 6th, Mars will enter the sign of Taurus, changing your focus from work to friendships. This is a time where your circle will boost you to higher status. You will receive recognition and praise from bosses, teachers, or mentors thanks to Mars in Aries. Two planetary sign changes are happening on the 8th with Mercury entering Aquarius and Venus in Capricorn. Some more focus on love and relationships with these transits as you approach them with ease given that Venus is opposing your sign, boosting your confidence, which will have you be more vocal with what you want in romance. Another powerful transit for you this month will be the New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th is a time where you will continue some of the lessons from the Full Moon in Cancer.

Leo – Mars will be in the sign of Taurus on the 6th, a harsh transit for you since this will be squaring your sign. Remember to find the balance when things get stressful, so that Mars can work for you, not against you. This will be a beneficial transit for getting ahead and a reminder to keep powering through. Mercury will be in the sign of Aquarius on the 8th, making communication with business partners, friends, or romantic partners much easier. Venus will be in the sign of Capricorn on the 8th as well, creating a good routine for your road to the top. You are going to feel more inspired in school or at work, earning the trust of colleagues and creating a generally peaceful vibe. An epic moment for you will be towards the end of the month on the 28th when the Full Moon is in your sign. This will be a good time for you to congratulate yourself and think back on your accomplishments because what you started last year will finally begin to get the recognition it deserves. The Ace of Pentacles is your card for the month, a fresh start for this New Year and a good time to think about growth.

Virgo – For the beginning of 2021, you will be the Star, which is also your card for the month. A time to believe in yourself and capture the attention of others. This is the initiation of a good and joyful time if you are receptive to that energy. Mars will enter Taurus on the 6th, a powerful transit for Earth signs. Here you will be inspired to pursue as you have your sights on greater things for the next year. Whatever you work on now will flow easier. You will not receive as many blockages and may be more responsive to changes as well as upsets. Somehow you know you can make things work. On the 8th, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn, a lovely transit which will also give you a boost in romance and allow you to experience more fun with friends. While Saturn in Capricorn restricted your romantic prospects, love and romance will seem to flow easier for you this year. While Mercury moves to Aquarius on the same day, you are going to make changes to your day to day, focused on efficiency and productivity. This month will be filled with love and happiness for you, so enjoy it.

Libra – The Seven of Cups in your reading for the month is a reminder to be wary of the things happening around you. Not everything that looks good will be promising in the end, so analyze and weigh all your options before making any major decisions. The month begins with Mars entering the sign of Taurus on the 6th, a key time for you as you begin to evaluate your next moves for the year. You are going to be more willing to face anything that appears to be holding you back and might even find the strength needed to deal with challenges. On the 8th, Mercury will be in Aquarius, forming a trine to your sign. Flirty and rebellious will be the themes during this transit as you meet new people and charm your way into some romance. Venus enters Capricorn on the same day, another transit that will echo Saturn’s rule in Capricorn but with more manageability. You are going to be in peaceful mode with family and friends. Changes at home might be a thing but these will be due to aesthetics. Beauty will be on your mind during this transit and others will notice since you are going to radiate. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th will inspire you to beautify your surroundings and initiate changes for the next six months.

Scorpio – This month will impact your love life when Mars moves into Taurus on the 6th. You will see how you approach relationships and begin to see them transform. This transit is all about compromises and positive changes. Communication is key with these Mars transits in partnership houses, so make sure to listen. On the 8th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, adding some interesting dynamic to the home front. You are going to be more comfortable with your expression even if it might feel a little tense. Again, this is all about listening and making some compromises with friends and family, so keep that in mind. Preserve the peace and everyone will be happy. Venus will be in Capricorn on the 8th as well, making you more charming when it comes to your communication skills. You have everyone’s ear during this time, just make sure to listen to everyone else. With the New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th, this will be a good time to seek out friends and family, especially siblings and cousins through social media. The Full Moon in Leo on the 28th, will keep everyone focused on what you do. Impress those bosses and professors now to achieve success. Your card for the month is The Lovers, which is very fitting given the partnership themes. Remember to be there for your partner and to listen. If you are single now, someone might catch your eye and you could start a new relationship.

Sagittarius – As a fire sign, you are probably wishing for more inspiration this month, but it will be more rooted on practicality and patience. With the Five of Cups appearing in your reading, you need to lose the self-sabotaging thoughts and focus on what is ahead for you. See the positive and do not focus on the negative. Mars will no longer be in Aries, but it will enter the sign of Taurus on the 6th, moving your priorities from the imaginative to the pragmatic. You are getting things done now and must keep your eyes on the prize while you face the tasks ahead. Mercury will enter the sign of Aquarius on the 8th, a good time to focus on your planning as well as diving into learning things you have been interested in. Venus also enters Capricorn on the same day, a period where you will be diligent about growing finances as this transit makes you sensible about spending habits. A huge transit will be the Full Moon in Leo on the 28th which will give you the fire energy boost you are seeking. Leo adds a good ambitious dynamic to your busy bee self this month and most importantly, a confidence boost you will love.

Capricorn – We begin this month with a lot of planetary shifts that can be beneficial for you. Mars enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 6th and this energy you will be welcoming since the harsh aspects Mars in Aries made to your sign might have left you exhausted from all the work you did in the last six months. This trine with Mars now will have you more flirtatious and willing to pursue romances. Sounds fun, right? On the 8th, Venus enters your sign, and you will be feeling yourself for the month’s transit. A lot of eyes will be on you as you get others to notice you with ease. More of that lovely attention will follow on the 13th of January when the New Moon will be in your sign. This is the perfect opportunity to start your year just right, setting those intentions and manifesting as you bring more of that self-love and care to you that you might have neglected last year. Either way, you are making others jealous or enamored with what you have to offer this month. Your card for the month is the Six of Cups, a sign that you are starting 2021 on the right foot, even if you are going to be feeling nostalgic for the past.

Aquarius – Lovely time for you with Saturn in Aquarius and now a few more planets will also be entering your sign this month. Mercury will be in Aquarius on the 8th, making you more sharp and feeling confident with your decision making. This Mercury transit also kicks of the first retrograde of the month, but that happens on the 30th. A memorable transit is Mars entering Taurus. This kicks off a time filled with ups and downs as this planet will be squaring off with Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury for the first half of the month. It will not be all bad since Mars will still have you motivated to succeed, even if it tries to slow you down. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th will bring you back to basics, opting for a more calming time so you can catch up and relax a bit before things get a little intense when the Sun enters your sign on the 19th. Mars will then cause some conflicts there too, but you are going to still radiate which is shown in your card for the month, The Sun Reversed. It is still a positive card; you just need to concentrate on the successes you achieve as well as boosting your self-esteem.

Pisces – An interesting time for you this month with the Three of Swords appearing in your reading. Do not worry, this is not bad but a sign you are going to be doing some great healing this month. This is a transitional period especially with Mars entering the sign of Taurus after six months of being in Aries. You now have the self-assurance to go and get what you want. Your words will hold some influence during this period, since you might feel inspired to write, draw or just create something else. Tapping into your creative side is going to be important now because this outlet will allow you to shine. Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius on the 8th and this is also an inspirational transit for you since you will be more focused on what your dreams have to offer, more fuel for your creative side. On the same day, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn and you will have a good support system cheering you on this month and making you feel special. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th allows you to set your sights onto greater things. Again, you can use your creative outlets to begin new projects and embark on new mediums of artistry.

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