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Here’s Every Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For July 2021

Saturn, Mars, and Uranus are all forming a T-Square at the beginning of the month. Things will ease a little a few weeks in as Mars breaks free from the aspect. Everyone will feel this energy, since it has made us angry and made us go at a slow pace, and we may feel like we have not accomplished what we would like. However, this month has a lot of changes and movement in store for everyone. The New Moon in Cancer on the 9th is going to serve as an awakening for most of the signs, especially Water signs, as we tune back into our emotions, since this is the transition from Air to Water season. Venus and Mars will be moving into Virgo later in the month on the 21st and 29th respectively. A transit that is going to make Earth signs feel more energized. The Sun and Mercury will enter the sign of Leo, a positive feat for Fire signs, and Jupiter returning to Aquarius (28th) and the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd will allow Air signs to feel like they are back in the game. There is a lot happening, and while it all moves slowly, the shifts will be more prominent once the summer ends. For now, be patient and go slow, because rushing will get you nowhere.

Aries – The Sun entering Leo on the 22nd and the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd are going to allow you to focus on major transformations in your social circles. This is also a good transit to switch up your creative styles and try something new if you are an artist. Get ready to feel the intensity of your emotions with the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th as you find the balance between home and career. Mercury enters the same sign on the 11th, giving you the plan needed to make some good interior decorating decisions or just strike a deal for a raise at work. For the next four weeks, you are going to prioritize self-care and opt to stay and hang with family or close friends. Venus in Virgo also sends a reminder to add a little self-love into your routine when the transit begins on the 21st. Mercury will be in Leo on the 27th, so use this transit to write up a storm, draw, get into photography, sing, anything, really. Jupiter will finally go back into the sign of Aquarius on the 28th, and you might expect the unexpected (good) surprises and recognition you deserve.

Taurus – Rebuilding your relationship with your creative side is the theme for the month. When the New Moon in Cancer appears on the 9th, you will be fueled with inspiration. Another plus is that Mercury will be in Cancer on the 11th, motivating and allowing you to be more confident in your self-expression. Venus enters earthy Virgo on the 21st, and this trine to your sign is going to add more excitement to your social circles. The Sun enters the sign of Leo on the 22nd, a time for you to take a little breather and focus on home and roots for the next month. When the Full Moon in Aquarius happens on the 23rd, you are going to feel the impact the last six months have had on your career. You will finally see your hard work paying off (assuming you put in the effort). With Mercury in Leo on the 27th, you are going to feel more comfortable in your surroundings, and once again, the topics relating to home and your roots take center stage. You might feel compelled to dig deeper into your family history during this transit. The Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius on the 28th will bring more questions about work and your drive and goals for the future, so this is your reminder to stay focused. On the 29th, when Mars enters Virgo, expect more excitement with your new (or current) romantic partner as you find new ways to express your love.

Gemini – July is bringing you familiarity. While you find new ways to adjust your finances, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 9th will add some good tactics for growth. Budgeting will come to play with Mercury entering Cancer on the 11th. During the Sun’s entry in Leo, you are going to feel once more in your element, focused on what you have to say and write. Venus enters Virgo on the 21st, a good opportunity to make some renovations at home if you have been thinking about it for a while. Things intensify for you with the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd as you feel more in command with yourself during this time. An opportunity to learn from a new course, class, or book has presented itself in the last six months, so now will be your time to be tested on your knowledge. Are you ready? Mercury joins the sun on the 27th, bringing you new insights and a joy for the work you have created. Jupiter returns to the sign of Aquarius on the 28th with more lessons and questions about your path and inner growth. If you want to learn more, Saturn will still be there teaching you to evolve. Mars will enter Virgo on the 29th, closing the month, but this will be an interesting transit, offering more opportunities to perfect and learn more through the comforts of your home.

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Cancer – We are officially in Cancer Season, and the New Moon in your sign on the 9th will redirect your goals as the focus is brought back to you, so treat yourself. Mercury in your sign on the 11th will initiate a period of confidence, and it will be easy for you to steal the spotlight since everyone will notice how sharp you are during this transit. On the 21st, Venus will be in Virgo, adding a touch of romance to your mind and the way you communicate. You command everyone’s attention now and Venus gives you more magnetism. The Sun will be in Leo on the 22nd, bringing a shift to your spending habits. With the Full Moon on the 23rd, you might be more aware than before about where you are planning to see yourself financially for the future. With Mercury in Leo on the 27th, this is all about making plans and being wiser about your purse. You might also be more intrigued to dive deeper and learn about the mystical. Jupiter will move from Pisces to Aquarius, bringing you back down to Earth but adding more optimism in your life. Mars enters Virgo on the 29th, more of the themes Venus brought in but you now must be more aware of how you say things. This transit can make you speak without a filter, so try to focus on being more polite if you are compelled to yell.

Leo – Be prepared for a month of guidance and meditation with the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th and Mercury following suit on the 11th. Journaling and meditation will help ease the tension during this transit. It could feel nostalgic, thinking about the past and focusing on the present, as Mars and Venus are still in your sign for most of the month. Get ready for excitement, as the Sun will be in your sign on the 22nd and the Full Moon in Aquarius will occur on the 23rd. Your relationships come to focus once again, a cycle that began only six months ago will bring you more clarity to answers you may have had earlier this year. As Saturn still makes waves in Aquarius, you are noticing your dynamics with others shifting, and the Full Moon may highlight this. Mercury will be in your sign on the 27th, giving you that additional star power and energy you have craved since Saturn might have made things a little gloomy. Jupiter will return to Aquarius on the 28th—a good transit, even if it is in opposition to your sign. Once more, you will feel that abundant energy showing you much needed love and support. Appreciate it now since it will remain there until the end of the year.

Virgo – Venus will be in your sign on the 21st, and this transit will feel a bit like an awakening as you are able to shine. The month starts with the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th, which will be extremely different from last year. No longer is Saturn in Capricorn, so the Moon now can be vibrant and bring you joy and fun opportunities, even if it is in a water sign. Mercury will be in Cancer on the 11th, adding more of the same themes from the New Moon, so if you have felt alone or isolated, you will be in good company now as your friends give you some much needed support. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd will allow you to focus on yourself and goals for the next six months, and with Jupiter entering Aquarius once again on the 28th, you will feel a lot more optimistic about your career plans and the choices you have made for the future. On the 29th, Mars enters your sign, adding more energy and drive. Those dreams you have had might seem more practical now. The month closes with you going full speed ahead and confident.

Libra – Full speed ahead for Libras during the month of July. The New Moon in Cancer is powerful for you, since this is going to highlight your career and goals for the next six months. This is your time to make some moves along with the rest of the Cardinal signs. With Saturn no longer in Capricorn, you can see your dreams manifesting. Mercury will enter the same sign on the 11th, giving you insight and motivation to plan. Venus be in Virgo on the 21st—magic, love and romance are highlighted, as this occurs in your 12th house. You are embarking on a time where you are focused on your sense of happiness, even if you are single. Prioritize yourself. On the 22nd, Leo season begins, getting you in the mood to meet and greet friends and family in lavish settings. The Full Moon in Aquarius on the 23rd will bring you back to topics from six months ago, perhaps a relationship you ended may be rekindled or you have learned to move on and set your sights on better things. Mercury will be in Leo on the 27th, sparking your more dramatic side—just try and not to stir things up. With Jupiter back in Aquarius on the 28th, you are ready to explore your creative side, or this could be a time of reflection for you. The Mars transit in Virgo on the 29th might make you feel irritable. This is a reminder to focus on some meditation and breathing exercises if things just feel stressful around you.

Scorpio – Nothing sparks changes like a New Moon in a water sign. On the 9th, the New Moon in Cancer is going to make you feel restless and impulsive. Try not to act too out of character. While you may feel the urge to get away, try and focus on channeling that energy into a new project that can be fruitful in the long run. Mercury follows the Moon on the 11th, which will inspire you to begin a new course or study something you have been curious about. Venus enters Virgo on the 21st, a good transit to hang with friends. Who knows, you could meet someone new through your friends if you are single. Leo season begins on the 22nd, an important transit since this will be the time where your focus shifts on career goals. The Full Moon on the 23rd adds a need to bring some balance to home and work, you are going to be reminded of events from six months ago, so this can be an introspective time for you. With Mercury in the sign of Leo beginning on the 27th, this is a promising transit for you, as you can push forward with your dreams and goals. Have lots of faith in what you want, and you can see that your superiors may even help you get there. Your hard work is paying off. Jupiter will retrograde back in Aquarius on the 28th. There will be more introspection, more analyzing, and more plans as Jupiter allows you to rework and change your game plan. An interesting Mars shift in Virgo closes the month on the 29th. Once again, group dynamics come back to play, and you get to meet some interesting people during this time.

Sagittarius – What an interesting month this promises to be for you, Sagittarius. Jupiter, your ruler, will go back to the sign of Aquarius on the 28th. This transit will be quite favorable to you, since Jupiter will once again make a sextile to your sign and boost your mind and creative energy until December. This is also a good time to reconnect with friends and family. A New Moon in Cancer on the 9th will allow you to dive deep into your memories and find new ways to let go of the past. Find your source of power during this transit so you can move forward with confidence. Venus enters Virgo on the 21st, a very important time for you since you are going to turn heads and be in the spotlight. Venus will give you some motivation, but since the transit might feel calm and lethargic, make sure not to slack off. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, which is going to make things a lot easier to manage during the next month. This is your time for inspiration, knowledge, and some creative ventures. The Full Moon in Aquarius will happen on the 23rd, a chance to look back and make some changes to your pending projects. This is your time to revise, edit, and redo things if needed. Mercury will enter the sign of Leo on the 27th, making you feel sharp, empowered by your words, and motivated to speak up. Just make sure not to be too preachy here with others and take the time to listen to their views. New career moves will be made when Mars enters Virgo on the 29th, more of a good thing as you get focused to make a lasting and positive impression to those in charge. This is a reminder to not explode when you feel stressed and to practice some diplomacy from time to time.

Capricorn – Your ruler Saturn continues making challenges in the sign of Aquarius. The energy for this month is a little rough, but you always find a way to keep powering through. A notable transit is the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th, a time to reexamine your relationships and maybe even start a new one if you are single. Then Mercury in Cancer begins on the 11th. There are more relationship topics on your mind, and this transit can even make you more emotional communicating with your partner (or a potential new one). Earth signs will be thrilled to see that Venus will be in Virgo on the 21st, adding excitement and grounding energy to your routine. You are here to work, get things done, and learn while Venus has some strategies to keep you focused and driven. The Sun will be in Leo on the 22nd, and the Full Moon in Aquarius is on the 23rd, adding some eye-opening news when it comes to your finances. Try to buckle down and not splurge too much or you might regret it. Expect a boost with Mercury in Leo beginning on the 27th. If you feel like you are slacking with savings and investment, you may consider learning new ways to stay financially fit. Jupiter will retrograde back in Aquarius on the 28th, adding more optimism to the way you view yourself and the material things in life. You will see more shifts happening when Mars enters Virgo on the 29th, a guiding light that will push you forward now if you have stopped believing in your dreams.

Aquarius – The Full Moon in your sign on the 23rd is going to be a notable event for you, since it adds onto the responsibility and hard work you have dealt with this year. But before that happens, the New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer on the 9th, which is going to bring some familiar themes from the current Saturn transit. Your work ethic will be highlighted now, and your bosses or teachers may see you in a favorable light; this Moon is a reminder that hard work and results come with patience and focus. While Mercury is also in Cancer on the 11th, you are going to see how you can prioritize and plan in a more efficient way. Things might have felt scattered for you, but you find grounding energy now as you are able to focus and get things done. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, allowing you to focus on healing your relationships, and when Mercury enters the same sign on the 27th, the energy this transit brings will be promising for your relationship. Jupiter enters your sign again on the 28th, giving you more optimism, and if you need the positive energy, this transit is going to work wonders for you. Mars will change signs on the 29th, entering the realm of Virgo. Here you might feel a little uncomfortable, as Mars will have you churning through the past, but you will find new ways to break free from any thoughts that might be bringing you down.

Pisces – Water energy can be favorable for you with the New Moon in Cancer on the 9th, bringing some positive trines to your sign. Mercury will also add flare to water signs beginning on the 11th, so if you are a creative, this energy can boost your imagination. This month can bring a lot of excitement, especially if you are single. Venus will ingress in Virgo on the 21st, making an opposition to your sign but still bringing all its lovable Venusian qualities to the table. If you have thought about the prospects of love, this transit will make your heart flutter and make you daydream more than usual. The next day, the Sun enters Leo, and the Full Moon in Aquarius will occur right after that on the 23rd. You are going to be diving deep into your subconscious, reflecting on topics from earlier in the year. This is your moment for some grounding and optimism, even if things feel a little harsh. Jupiter will return to the sign of Aquarius on the 28th, enhancing the prospect of hope and joy in your life. While in your sign, Jupiter showed us our potential and we will experience more of the abundance and joy later in the year. Finally, Mars enters the sign of Virgo on the 29th, initiating a period where you are going to feel much more motivated to accomplish many things. Just remember not to lose your temper with others.

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