You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Will Fight For You — No Matter What

Elizabeth Tsung

I know you don’t think you deserve someone like this. I know you think you don’t deserve anything remotely good in your life. Maybe you have low self esteem. Maybe you have a broken heart. Maybe you hate your life. But trust me, you deserve it. You deserve the kind of love that will make you believe in yourself again. You deserve the kind of love that makes you realize that you are special. Because you are.

You deserve all of the love this world has to offer you. And you, who has been through hell and back, deserve the greatest love in the universe.

You of all people, are worthy of love that never stays stagnant. You are worthy of love, the kind that illuminates the world around you. You are worthy of finding someone who appreciates every cell in your being. You are worthy of being with someone who smiles just by being in your presence. Who beams with pride just from knowing that you exist.

You deserve to find somebody who treasures you. And not just your body, but your heart. You are worthy of love that is not just on the surface. You’re worthy of love that adores all of your aches and pains and pieces that have been left behind you.

And above all you deserve someone who will never give up on you.

You have a right to be loved so whole heartedly, and fiercely, that you won’t ever question anything. You have been through so much already. You have been through heartbreak. You have been through loss. You have been through heartache and grief that you never thought you would get over.

And now it’s time. It’s time for you to realize that you, yes you, deserve to be loved. You deserve to know that you are lovable. That your heart is wider than any ocean known to man. That your spirit is utterly and completely deserving of true, big, unexplainable, crazy love.

You of all people are deserving of someone who won’t shy away from you. Who won’t see your differences and run. You are worthy of finding someone won’t grimace at your scars. Who won’t tear away from your embrace. You deserve someone who will hug you when you think you don’t deserve to be hugged. You deserve to find a love that won’t leave, no matter how many mountains you must climb together.

You see, love will never be easy. It will never be perfect. But please understand, you are worthy of damn near perfect love with someone who appreciates your imperfect. And it will happen one day. Some day. And you’ll find that person that will help you fight your battles, and you’ll find that person who will fight with every ounce of might they have, just to see you smile. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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