You Deserve To Be Chased

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Bekir Dönmez

You deserve to be wanted. To be loved. To be adored. And to be chased.

I’ve spent a lot of my years, especially in college, chasing people. Chasing girls that I wanted to be friends with. Chasing boys I wanted to be with. Chasing love when it was never going to happen.

All I did was run and stumble until I fell. All I did was end up hurting myself more. All I did was scream their names only to be met in silence. Why did I do that to myself? Why did I continue to love people who didn’t love me back?

I guess every heartbreak and mistake ends in a lesson, right? And I think through that time in my life, I learned that they never did deserve that chase. Because as I chased them, they ran. As I wanted them, they ignored me. And as I loved them, they acted like I never existed.

I wasted so many years. When I could have been spending time loving myself, or loving someone who actually truly adored me, I spent years going after people who never would have wanted me, no matter what I said or did.

You shouldn’t have to chase someone for them to notice you. You shouldn’t ever have to beg them to love you. You shouldn’t have to beg them to stay. They should just want to. they should just want to love you, with their full heart.

Don’t ever chase someone who does not want to be found. It will only end in pain. In heartbreak. Of your own heart.

But do you know what you really deserve? You deserve to be wanted. To be seen. To be looked at adoringly. You deserve to be cherished. You deserve to be chased by someone who is willing to give you their heart. And you deserve to be chased, by someone who you don’t have to chase.

You deserve to be chased. And not in the way I used to do. I mean you need to be pursued. You deserve someone to see all of you, and still think you are the goddamn sun. You deserve to be taken care of. To let someone into your heart. Because you know that they will keep it safe. And they aren’t going to hurt you.

You deserve to be loved in a way that you never thought was possible. You deserve to know that you are worth it. That you are worth love and you are worth someone loving you back.

You have to realize that you are not replaceable. that you are the only you in the world. And for someone else, you will be their magic and their world. So let them into your life. You’re allowed to fall. You’re allowed to give them your all now. Because this time, you won’t have to run. This time, you will learn how to be loved back. This time, everything will be different.

This time you won’t be so scared to fall. Because you’ll have someone waiting and willing to catch you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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