11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An All-Or-Nothing Person

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1. You love hard with no apologies.

You don’t just fall in love ‘a little bit’. You don’t just care for a little while. You fall head over heels and you can’t stop yourself from doing so. You are someone who loves with no walls up, and you do so without apologizing for it.

2. You are incredibly sensitive.

You can never brush things off or shrug your shoulders if someone mistreats you or backstabs you. You feel incredibly deeply and if anyone does something to hurt you, you feel incredibly sensitive in your heart and you can’t just ‘get over it’.

3. You act impulsively.

You are never the type to wait around for yourself to make a decision. You act on impulse and you follow your gut. You don’t waste time thinking about your life and which path to take. You just do it.

4. You’re extremely committed.

With everything that you do, you do it well and you do it with great amount of commitment. With your career, you don’t half ass anything. With your relationships and friendships, you are always there for them no matter what. You always put effort into things you care for, and sometimes you almost put too much effort in.

5. You fall fast.

When you fall in love, you don’t do so slowly and cautiously. You go all in and you fall deeply and fast. You put your all into this person and you never hide in fear of rejection. You fall, no matter the red flags or questions. And you fall harder than most people do in a short amount of time.

6. You don’t do casual relationships.

You never ever do casual anything. You don’t do flings or one night stands. You don’t do ‘almost’ of anything. You are a committed relationship type of person. You are either in a relationship, or nothing at all. You think hook ups and flings are frankly a waste of your time.

7. You experience extreme sadness to extreme happiness.

If you feel something, whether it’s joy or deep depression, you feel it to a really powerful extent. You feel deeply and so incredibly, that sometimes it can overwhelming for you. You never just feel ‘okay’ or ‘fine’. Your emotions are high on both sides of the spectrum.

8. You either adore your job or despise it.

You are either obsessed with your job, or you hate it and will quit abruptly. If you love your jobs, your friends call you a workaholic. You work even on your off hours and adore it. If you hate your job, you always complain about and it makes your life a living hell.

9. If you fail, you beat yourself up over it and won’t give yourself a break.

When you fail, you freak out and think really terrible things about yourself. you don’t see failure as an opportunity to learn or to grow, it just makes you want to work harder and harder to be the best. You think of yourself as a winner in all aspects in life and can’t comprehend losing or making a mistake.

10. You have only a few friends.

You have a few really great friends and that’s all you need to be happy and content. You don’t have a million fake friends because you can’t give your energy and love to that many people. With your core group of friends, you whole heartedly love them all and would never trade them to have thousands of friends.

11. You have extremely high standards for yourself.

You can be incredibly hard on yourself and your standards are sky high. When it comes to friendships, to relationships and to your career and status, you make sure that you have the best of the best. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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