10 Uncomfortable Signs You’re Settling In Life Without Even Noticing

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1. You have the exact same friends since childhood.

Let’s be honest, if your only friends are the same ones from kindergarten, you need to start branching out. Not to say that your childhood besties are bad friends necessarily, but you need to expand your horizons and your interactions with others.

2. You blame everyone for your problems, but yourself.

You blame the world, your sister, your friends, your parents and strangers for your shortcomings and for your pain. You never take responsibility for your actions and mistakes and suffer as a result of it.

3. You apologize too much.

You say sorry for literally anything and everything. In your career, you say sorry for things that aren’t even your wrongdoing. In your friendships and relationships, you say sorry even when nothing was your fault. Because of this, you are allowing yourself to become second place.

4. You compare yourself to everyone.

You compare yourself to your friends constantly. When you scroll through Instagram and Facebook you tell yourself that your life and your appearance is less of others. Because of this, you are putting yourself down and you’re making your life miserable.

5. You give up too easily.

You don’t try hard enough. If you have a crush on somebody, if they don’t respond right away you stop trying. You don’t put any effort in getting what you want and getting who you want, because you don’t think it’s worth it. You settle for shitty things and shitty people because you have little self worth.

6. You’ve never gotten your heartbreak.

You wallow in self pity and self destruction because of your past heartbreaks. You don’t know how to move past this pain and as a result can never move forward with yourself and with your life.

7. You aren’t over your ex.

Because you are still helplessly in love with your ex, you are blind to the wonderful people around you. You ignore your great friends and loved ones, in hopes of rekindling the flame with your ex that is truthfully long gone.

8. You complain more than you display gratitude.

You never are grateful for how far you have come, and all that you have in your life. You are extremely lucky to have a roof over your head and loved ones who would do anything for you. But do you pay attention to that? Do you pay attention to them? No, you would rather whine about your losses.

9. You hold a lot of anger inside yourself.

You hold a lot of resentment towards yourself for past mistakes and you have  alot of regret. You also hold a lot of anger towards other people who did you wrong. Because you can’t let go of this anger, it is preventing you from living your life to the fullest and exploring everything the world has to offer you.

10. You’ve never left your hometown.

If you’ve never left your hometown, and you are stuck in the same old shitty town, you are settling for less than you deserve. Move to that city you have always dreamed of going to. Travel across the country. Move to Australia for a year. Don’t waste the time that you have on this earth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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