This Is Why The Strongest Women Hurt The Hardest

Ariel Lustre

It’s not that they wallow in self pity every day, or walk around feeling sorry for themselves day in and day out. But, the strongest women know how to feel. Truly, really feel. They don’t hide anything from their own hearts. And I think that’s a very beautiful thing.

You see, they aren’t scared to let people see their pain. They aren’t afraid to show themselves that they are in pain and that they are hurting. And they aren’t embarrassed or ashamed by their own emotions.

Because the strongest women know that they are human. And human beings are allowed to break. They are allowed to bleed open. And just like anybody else, they are allowed to feel.

The strongest women cry. They weep. They scream. They fight. And it doesn’t make them weak. It doesn’t make them small. It doesn’t make them inferior. No, it makes them warriors. It makes them tough and brave. Because having feelings? Is nothing short of courageous.

In a world where people hide behind fake smiles and Instagram filters, the strongest people are the ones who don’t hide behind a facade. The strongest ones are the people who don’t hurt in the dark. The strongest ones are the people who don’t hurt, ashamed of what they are feeling.

It’s okay to feel. It’s okay to feel like shit. And it’s perfectly okay to show it.

Why hide behind a smile? Why hide your true emotions at all? Your feelings are valid. Your feelings are important, and you shouldn’t feel the need to hide it from the world, or from your loved ones.

In a world that is numb and ice cold, isn’t it a beautiful thing to be authentic? To show vulnerability and truth?

The strongest women are the ones who feel the deepest, who let their tears fall without fear of being judged. And the strongest women hurt the hardest because they give so much of themselves to others. They give and give. Selflessly.

They trust every single person they meet. They trust and love with their whole hearts. And it doesn’t make them naive or daft. It doesn’t make them stupid. It makes them beautiful. It makes them so damn brave.

So let yourself hurt, darling. Let yourself feel what you are feeling and don’t apologize for it.

In a world that has become numb to emotions and ice cold to any sort of feelings whatsoever, be the one who feels. Be the one who sheds tears. Don’t choose to be a statue. Don’t choose to forget the pain with alcohol or other bodies.

Tell yourself that your feelings are your feelings and nobody else’s. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are overreacting. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are being overdramatic or being too sensitive.

Your emotions and your hurt are beautiful treasures to your heart. And you need to let them out in order to heal. You need to let it all go, in order to grow.

So while everyone else is hiding behind their social media accounts and too much wine, be the one who doesn’t hide. Be the one who wants to heal, who wants to grow and bloom. Be stronger than them. Be braver. It’s ok to be scared. It’s normal to feel paralyzed.

But you have to break in order to begin again. You have to collapse in order to pick yourself up again. And only you can do that for you. Only you can be your own hero. So don’t ever apologize for your tears and your heartache.

Don’t ever apologize for allowing your heart to heal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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