11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An ESFP

Lena Bell

1. You overthink everything.

You’re almost always in your head and play out scenarios in your mind of the worst possible outcomes. You spend a lot of time in your own head because you take every conversation and every interaction way too seriously and try to decode everything.

2. You crave a lot of alone time.

For being an extrovert, you actually do need a lot of alone time to recharge. You love being around people and having deep conversations, but that doesn’t mean you need that constantly. Some nights you are going to physically and mentally seek solitude within yourself.

3. You’re indecisive.

Because your mind is always racing and jumping to a new idea and thought, you never can make up your mind. You are over eager to do everything as soon as possible, which makes concentrating on only one thing difficult for you. You’re incredibly impulsive which can sometimes result in some mistakes and regrets.

4. You talk way too much.

You talk. A lot. You talk when you need help and when you need to process things. You never keep things bottled up inside of you, and talking it out gives you immediate relief from the panic that was forming in your head. You would share your whole life story to a stranger if you had the opportunity!

5. You’re hyperaware.

You take in every situation and every activity that you are involved in and think deeply about every angle of it. You take every sentence and every text message as something to decode and to think deeply and intensely about. You want to know how everyone is feeling, so you never are in the dark.

6. You’re a spaz.

You find joy in the little things, but it could make the people around you roll their eyes with annoyance. You’re the kind of person who will squeal in utter ecstasy just from receiving coupons in the mail. Your friends are always telling you to chill and relax, but you kind of don’t know how.

7. You’re constant struggle is wanting to hang out with people while also wanting to be alone.

Even though you’re technically an extrovert, obviously not everything is black and white. You love social interaction but will be running out the door the minute casual conversation or silly small talk starts happening. You aren’t going to waste your energy on people who don’t want to actually get to know you.

8. You always have your foot in your mouth.

Sometimes, you say things you shouldn’t, you tell other people’s secrets, and you spill the beans on something that was never yours to spill.

9. You’re incredibly motivated but get stressed easily.

You’re a perfectionist and find it hard to stop wanting to make everything you do up to par. Because you work so incredibly hard at your friendships, your love life, and your career, it can get to  your head fast and you won’t know how to stop spiraling out of control. Stress is your middle name.

10. You’re intense in all aspects of your life.

You’re intensely emotional and sensitive. You are empathetic on a whole different level than most people, because you feel everything so incredibly deeply. You don’t understand how some people don’t cry from watching ‘Dumbo’. You can honestly cry at the drop of a hat, and have always been that way.

 11. You’re never quite happy in the ‘now’.

You’re always in the rush to go, go, go and you’re always looking for the next best thing and next best adventure to go on. You can’t stay stagnant in any aspect of your life and get bored easily if you stay at the same place for too long. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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