11 Brutal Lies Your Anxiety Constantly Tells You About Yourself

Twenty20 / @karly.valencia
Twenty20 / @karly.valencia

1. That you’re unsafe.

Anxiety wants you to know that you are never safe no matter where you are. It wants you to believe that you are in danger at all times, and there’s no safe haven available for you.

2. That your panic attack isn’t just a panic attack.

Anxiety makes you believe that your panic attack is something that is much worse that what it actually is. It makes you think you are having a heart attack, a stroke, and that you are going to die. Anxiety shows you no mercy.

3. That you should shut yourself off from the world.

Anxiety doesn’t want you to feel fulfilled in your life. It doesn’t want you to be happy or mentally stable either, and tells you that you shouldn’t waste anyone’s precious time. Anxiety tells you that you should probably cancel those plans, because there’s no point in disappointing people (again).

4. That you are weak.

Anxiety loves to tell you that you are weak and pathetic. It likes to whisper to you every night and day that you should just stop trying, because you aren’t worth it in the first place. Anxiety makes you think that you are small and that you’re a burden to your loved ones.

5. That you don’t deserve love.

Anxiety tells you that you should just cancel the date before you make an awkward mess of yourself. Anxiety tells you that you don’t deserve love, because how could someone like type of shit show person that you are?

6. That you aren’t good enough.

Anxiety tells you that your best is terrible. It makes you want to tear yourself apart every time you make a tiny mistake, and makes you pay for what you did. Anxiety has no sympathy for your failures or lessons learned.

7. That you’re going to mess up everything good thing that you have in your life.

Anxiety frequently tells you that you’re going to ruin everything good in your life. If you’re in a loving relationship, anxiety tells you that you’re going to mess it up. If you finally got the job of your dreams, anxiety tells you to quit before you fuck up.

8. That you won’t ever get better.

Anxiety hammers into your head every day that it’s not going anywhere. It tells you that you’ll have anxiety forever and you’re a lost cause. Anxiety wants you to believe that it owns you, and that it controls everything that you do.

9. That you’re better off spending time alone.

Anxiety adores shutting down your social calendar and making you think that you don’t deserve great friendships. Anxiety is skilled at convincing you to flake all the time, even if it’s with people who you care deeply for.

10. That no one likes you, and that they are all just pretending.

Anxiety tells you that even your best friends hate you. It plagues your minds with paranoid thoughts that everyone is just pretending and they only hang out with you because they feel sorry for you.

11. That you are less of a beautiful human being because of your anxiety.

Anxiety loves to tell you that you aren’t enough. It tells you that you aren’t beautiful, or smart enough, to get the success that you want. It likes to shower you with self-hatred and self-doubt consistently throughout your day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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