Don’t You Ever Dare Settle

Twenty20 / @pratavetra_
Twenty20 / @pratavetra_

Don’t you ever dare settle. In your job, in your career, in your love life, and in your heart. It might be the easy way out, and it might be the quickest choice to make, but it won’t be worth it in the end.

Because when you settle in your career, you aren’t giving yourself the time to do better or the skills to go deeper and further. You aren’t giving yourself a fair chance, or a fair shot.

When you settle in anything in your life, you are telling yourself and everyone else that you aren’t worth your dreams.

When you settle in your love life, you aren’t giving yourself the time to find true love. You aren’t giving yourself the opportunity to meet new people, and to learn and grow and prosper.

When you settle for love, you aren’t allowing yourself to bloom. You are saying to yourself that maybe I’m not lovable. Maybe I’m not worth love.

When you settle for your friendships and relationships, you are allowing toxic people and emotions into your life. You are acknowledging that they are bad people, and that they deserve to be in your life.

When you settle for toxic relationships, you are telling yourself that you don’t deserve true friendship. You are telling yourself that you aren’t worthy of a great friend, because who would love you? Who would want to be friends with you?

And when you settle for living in the same little town, doing the same things every day and not exploring the world around you, you are causing your heart to deflate.

When you settle for anything in this life, you are giving your life a drought. You are treating yourself like a mistake, like a castaway. You are allowing yourself to die, while still being able to breathe.

And you aren’t giving your body and your mind the opportunity to feel the rain. To feel the different textures of the ground that you haven’t walked on yet. To feel what it’s like to rest your head on the chest of someone who loves you. To feel what it’s like to walk into a job that you adore with your whole soul.

You aren’t giving yourself a chance to live.

When you settle for anything in your life, you might as well be dead. Because you aren’t living like you want to be here. And don’t you want to be here? Don’t you want to see the world? Don’t you want to be happy?

So, please, don’t ever settle. Don’t you dare. No matter how good it looks or how easy it seems to stay stagnant, keep moving. Keep exploring. Keep blooming. And watch your world turn into a garden of magic and of new opportunities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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