Find Someone Who Feels Like Home

Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker

It’s not going to be easy to find this person. Hell, it might not even happen if I’m being realistic. But, if you do find it. If you do find this person. Please, don’t ever run from them.

Because truthfully, how could you run from someone who feels like home?

It doesn’t have to be the most luxurious home, or the most expensive one. They don’t have to have perfectly hardwood floors that shine when the sun hits it. This home doesn’t have to be the biggest one, that boasts with power and prestige. It just has to be able to hold you. It just has to be there for you.

Find someone who makes you feel cherished and safe, in a way that no one has before. Find someone whose floors and walls are etched with markings and paint splatters. And find someone who sees your imperfections as the most glorious thing in the world.

Don’t look for a perfect home. Don’t look for white walls and a stiff bed that looks better than it feels. Don’t look for a make believe castle. Find a home that is covered in blankets, blocking out the cold. Find the home that smells of christmas cookies and bonfires. Find the home that tastes of laughter that echoes down every hallway. And find the home that can shelter you from whatever storm that comes your way.

Don’t look for over glossed perfection. Don’t look for five star ratings.

Find someone who makes being in their arms feel like the safest place in the entire world. Find someone who has cracks and wounds and lets you explore those parts of them. Find someone who makes you feel confident, that no matter what, they will still be there, sheltering you and comforting you from all the hurricanes of the world.

Find someone who keeps their door open for you, no matter the rain and the wreckage. Find someone who outstretches their hands towards you, no matter the distance and the damage. Find someone who will kiss your tears away. And find the person who will not only become your home, but will ultimately become your sanctuary.

Find someone who feels like your favorite place. And find someone who becomes your favorite home to rest your tired head on at the end of everyday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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