15 People Reveal The Heartbreaking Advice They Would’ve Given To Their Younger Selves


1. “I would’ve told myself to go to college to get an education. If I had done that, I wouldn’t be stuck with this shitty job and with this shitty salary.” — Rob, 38

2. “I would’ve told myself to not take herself so seriously.” — Kelsea, 40

3. “I would’ve loved myself more.” — Rebecca, 42

4. “I would’ve told myself that he was a liar and a cheater and to believe your gut instincts. I would’ve told myself to move on and let him go before he breaks your heart.” — Cameron, 50

5. “I would tell my younger self that life is going to be hard. Life is going to try to knock you out. But life also can be beautiful despite what you have been going through.” — Patrick, 55

6. “I would tell him to man the fuck up, and run after her instead of shutting her out.” — Kevin, 34

7. “I would tell my younger self to stop drinking so much. Alcohol won’t make you forget him.” — Lisa, 51

8. “I would’ve told myself to follow my dreams and to not let other people talk you out of it.” — Rachel, 60

9. “I would’ve told my younger self to say ‘I love you’ more to everyone you care about. You never know when they will leave.” — Tom, 64

10. “I would’ve told myself to leave the abusive relationship I was in. I would’ve told myself that love isn’t supposed to feel like this, and to leave that bastard before you get hurt.” — Chelsea, 30

11. “Tell mom you love her everyday. She’s going to be gone sooner than you think.” — Debbie, 45

12. “I would tell myself to report the guy who sexually assaulted me. I would tell myself to get him locked up and to not let him make you fear the world.” — Taylor, 36

13. “Travel when you have the chance to.” — Brad, 49

14. “Stop looking at yourself in the mirror and picking out every flaw you see. Stop depriving yourself of the nutrients you need. Get help. You need help.” — Julia, 57

15. “Stop caring so much about what everyone else wants you to do. Stop listening to people tell you what to do your whole life. Do what you want to do. Live your life according to you.” — Tim, 48

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